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Real IFR Approach Plates for Use with Flight Simulators  Real IFR Approach Plates for Use with Flight Simulators Dauntless Software

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There are (or have been) two SimPlates versions avaialble recently. SimPlates X is the older version while SimPlates X Ultra (SimPlates Ultra) is the newer vesion with more and more up to date plates. If you are a SimPlates X user, you may be eligible for a free and/or discounted upgrade to SimPlates ultra depending on when you purchased SimPlates X and for which platform you purchased it for. Please see the SimPlates main page for more information about this.

This page lists the airports available for SimPlates X and SimPlates Ultra.

SimPlates Ultra Plate Coverage

  • Approximately 80,000 total plates**
  • See the list below for a live list for the airports covered and the number of plates included.
  • While the list below is "live," it may not be 100% accurate. While it should generally be pretty correct, it is potentially subject to all of the following caveats:
    • There may be plates / countries / airports included that are not on the list below (not likely to be many)
    • For a variety of reasons, plates / countries / airports listed below might not be available, or might become unavailable in the future*.
    • While the coverage of SimPlates ultra is excellent, not every country is covered to the same depth.
    • Occasionally, a listed plate may be unavailable, permanently or not, due to technical reasons.
    • For some airports, especially "VFR Only" rural ones, the included plate may be only a textual "information plate" and not a graphical approach or other plates. Probably around 3% of plates are like this.
    • To see the list of plates included for a given airport, go to PilotNav.com and find the airport there. The list of plates is included on the airport's PilotNav page. In some cases, not all plates for a given airport are available-- you can check.
  • Despite the caveat list above, it really is an excellent and HUGE list of plates that will do wonders for the realism and enjoyment of your flight simulator entetainment experience*.

SimPlates X Plate Coverage

  • Please note that this is an OLDER version of SimPlates. This list is included here only for comparison/historical purposes. Our newer product, SimPlates X Ultra, contains all (or essentially all) of the same content as SimPlates X except that SimPlates X Ultra has more plates and more up to date plates.
  • Approximately 30,000 total plates.
  • SimPlates X includes IFR plates including approach plates, airport diagrams, and more for the airports list below*.
  • While at least one plate is included for each airport below, we do not make any claims that every possible plate for each airport listed is included. SimPlates data comes from a variety of sources, and in some cases, available coverage is limited for reasons beyond our conrtrol.
  • The plates included in SimPlates are actual IFR plates. However, while perfectly suitable for use with flight simulator products such as Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, X-Plane, Elite, and others, it is not the intent of this product to provide completely up-to-date plates (plate cycles are typically as little as 56 days - usualy with minor changes, but nevertheless). Therefore, this product should absolutely not, under any circumstances, be used for real-world flight.
  • We apologize in advance if your chosen country/airport is not represented. We have done what we can do develop as comprehensive a collection as we can. SimPlates includes more than 30,000 plates, covering over 5000 airports.

* This list is believed to be accurate. However, in a very small percentage of cases, it may happen that an airport in this list is not available in the shipped version. We apologize for this if this happens to you, however, please understand that this list does not constitute a guarantee, and the unavailability of any airport/airports in this list does not constitute grounds for refund / rebate of any sort. Thank you for understanding.

** This is a static estimate and is only an estimate. The number of distinct PDF documents at the time of this writing is around 63,000, though in some cases single PDF documents contain multiple plates. In a small number of cases,this may include duplicate versions of similar plates from differing sources or times, such as both a Military and Civil version of essentially the same approach.

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