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Order Screen  Order Screen Dauntless Software


The above is for purchasing the Microsoft Windows PC version of SimPlates.

Looking for the DVD version? Unfortunately, we no longer have these. SimPlates for PC is only available from us via the download option above. The download version works great for most people and if you get it, you can start downloading SimPlates virtually right away. However, if you really would like the DVD version, please do a google search for one of our many resellers who may still have the DVD in stock. Thanks!

"... wanted to say thank you very much. Simplates is a fantastic product - and excellent value for money."
- RR, SimPlates User


* Do you qualify for upgrade pricing? If you previously purchased SimPlates X for PC from any source (from us via download or DVD or from another vendor via download or DVD) and are a user in good standing, then you are entitled to a discounted or free upgrade to SimPlates ULTRA depending on the date that you first activated SimPlates X. If you activated it on or after Aug 1, 2012, then you're entitled to a FREE upgrade to SimPlates ULTRA. If you activated SimPlates X for PC before this date, then you are eligible for the discount 'upgrade' price shown above.

Here's how to tell what you are eligible for: download and install the SimPlates ULTRA demo from www.SimPlates.com. In some cases, if you have an active SimPlates X installation / license, it may auto-detect this. If the 'demo' notices are completely gone, then, congratulations - you're all set to go. More likely, however, is that after you install and run SimPlates ULTRA you'll be greeted with a demo/welcome screen. If this 'welcome screen' welcomes you by name, such as 'Hello Joe Smith', then you have a pre-Aug 1 2012 activated SimPlates X license and are welcome to purchase at the discounted 'update' price above. You can do this most easily by clicking the purchase (middle) button from the SimPlates Ultra welcome screen, as this will take you to a purchase page where you have already been positively identified. If, however, the welcome screen just says "Hello" and does not have your name, try using your SimPlates X unlock code to activate the SimPlates ULTRA program. If you can't find yours but sure you are a SimPltes X customer/registered user, try going to our unlock help wizard for activation keycode recovery. After you attempt to unlock using your old SimPlates X code, one of two things should happen - either Ultra will just be activated for you (if you first activated SimPlates X on or after Aug 1, 2012) or it will greet you by name, again, welcoming you to the upgrade pricing.

The upgrade pricing offer is available only to users of the PC version of SimPlates X. SimPlates 2004 for PC, SimPlates 2000 for PC, and iPhone/iPad/Android purchases do not qualify.

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