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FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep for iPhone™ and iPad™  FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep for iPhone™ and iPad™ Dauntless Aviation



Now Available! iPhone™ versions of RideReady FAA Practical Test (Checkride) Oral test prep (will also work on iPad and application-compatible iPod Touch devices.)

Introduction to RideReady Video

iPhone/iPad Title
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Airplane Titles
 Private and Recreational Pilot Airplane
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
 Instrument Rating Airplane
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
 Commercial Pilot Airplane
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
 Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Airplane
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
 Airline Transport Pilot Airplane
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
 Multi-Engine Rating
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
Helicopter Titles
 Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Helicopter
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
 Instrument Rating Helicopter
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
 Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Helicopter
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
Other Titles
 Glider Pilot, Hot Air Balloon Pilot, Seaplane Pilot and Tailwheel Transition 4 in 1 app
RideReady Checkride Oral Exam Prep App
iPhone/iPad AppStore apps are for iOS devices only!

The iOS™ apps on this page work great with your iPhone™, iPad™, iPod touch™, or other compatible device only - however, they are NOT intended for use with your PC or Mac.

Your iOS™ device is designed to get compatible apps from the iTunes AppStore™. You are welcome to obtain our iOS™ apps, therefore, uniquely from the iTunes AppStore-- just as is the case for all equivalent apps from all other companies eveywhere.

These iOS™ apps (programs) have been needed to be specifically designed, programmed, and tested (a process involving hundreds to thousands of hours and specialized skills and tools) to work on iOS™ devices and they certainly do work great on them. However, this also means that they work on iOS™ devices only--purchases made via the iTunes AppStore™ are not compatible with and will not work on, for example, your PC or Mac.

If you'd like to use a given app for both your iPhone / iPad / iPod and its equivalent piece of software for your PC or Mac (where one is available), as some people do in order to get 'the best of both worlds', you would need to purchase these separately. This 'a la carte' system ensures that you pay for only that which you intend to use and is fair to all involved. At any rate, it could not be differently due to Apple's sensible policy that its AppStore is for iOS apps only and effectively that no 'intermingling' is allowed.

We thank you for your understanding that we are obliged to follow all other software vendors in following Apple's policies in this regard.

After much time and a lot of hard work (thanks for your patience!), we're happy to announce our RideReady FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep apps for iPhone. After a lot of work on these titles, we are exceptionally pleased with the results and sure you will be too. Now, you can study for your checkride wherever you have your iOS™-compatible device with more realistic checkride questions, more illustrations, and more up to date aviation learning content than ever before.

"I passed my checkride with flying colors.... RideReady was a lifesaver!"
- MV - RideReady User.

RideReady for iPhone Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the iPhone™/iPad™ versions?

AnswerClick on one of the links above. This will take you to the iTunes™ AppStore™ where you can purchase it just like any other App for your iOS device.

What about Seaplane, Glider, Hot Air Balloon, and/or Tailwheel?

AnswerUnfortunately, these titles are not avaialble for iOS at this time.

I have an iPad™. Will the graphics be 'iPad™-sized?'

AnswerYes! Our RideReady apps are 'dual mode.' This means that if you run them on an iPhone™ device, they will fit themselves to the iPhone™ screen and if you run it on an iPad&;trade, it will naturally fit itself to the iPad™ screen. This also means that if you happy to have both an iPhone™ and an iPad™ device and you happen to purchase an app of ours via the same iTunes™ account, then you will be able to run it on both devices in natural mode and have only paid once. In this policy, we are proudly in the 'elite' 3% of less of AppTunes app vendors who both offer native iPhone™ and iPad™ versions of the same app and don't charge seperately for them!


Is one of the apps sufficient to prepare me for my FAA Practical Test (checkride?)

AnswerWhile you should always supplement your study with additional soruces, such as your aircraft`s POH/AFM/RFM, in general, yes, RideReady can be your primary source for checkride preparation. Thousands of pilots have enjoyed checkride success after seeing that the vast majority of questions they were asked during their checkrides were covered in RideReady. It is a complete checkride oral preparation system.

I want to use both the PC and iPhone™ / iPad™ software. Can I get a discount?

AnswerWe'd love to be able to offer this. Unfortunately, the iPhone™/iPad™ apps must be purchased via the Apple AppStore and Apple policy does not allow us to co-mingle promotions like this. (In fact, when you order the app, we don't even know that you are one of our customers).

Are the iPhone™ / iPad™ apps up to date?

AnswerHere's the really cool thing - the iPhone™/iPad™ apps feature a built-in update mechanism. What this means is that with just a few clicks, our app will check the internet for updated data and download them to your device as necessary. This is integrated, fast, and free for those who have purchased the app.

Do I need to be online to use the apps?

AnswerNo, you don't! Once an app is installed on your device (after you purchase it from the iTunes™ AppStore), you don't need to be actively connect it to use it. This means, for example, that you can spend your time in a passenger seat of an automobile or aircraft studying even when you don't have an active internet connection. Of course, you need to have an internet connection to your device to get updates from our servers from time to time, but as far as everyday use goes, you certainly do NOT have to be connected to the Internet.

When does my app purchase expire?

AnswerPursuant to the terms of the AppStore EULA, this is a LIFETIME PERSONAL LICENSE to ues the app. In other words, it doesn't expire! It will be waiting for you when you need this. Compare this to our competitor whose more expensive product has very short expiration dates, forcing you to pay extortionate continuation fees if you want to keep studying before a test or review later on.

How many questions are in the apps?

AnswerThe apps feature the same number of questions as the PC software. This varies depending on the title and, occasionally, teh specific aircraft you have selected, but in general for the titles in the airplane and helicopter sections, there are around one thousand questions in each title (a little more for some, a little less for others). For titles in the "other titles" section, it`s closer to a few hundred per title.

   FAA Checkride Oral Exam Prep - Private through ATP
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