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EASA IR(A) Theory Exam Preparation Software - Order Step 1  EASA IR(A) Theory Exam Preparation Software - Order Step 1 Dauntless Software
Order Screen

Great! You're only a few moments away from having full access to the EASA Instrument Rating Airplane (IR-A) test banks of your choice for GroundSchool for MS-Windows PC.

Please select the EASA IR test banks that you'd like to unlock from this list and then click on 'Continue'.

Each individual EASA IR exam costs €23.99* to unlock. However, you can get a far better value by unlocking all EASA exams (ATPL + CPL + IR) at once (€63.99*).

* The prices above are listed in Euro. However, our underlying shop currency is USD. Because of this, the price you pay (even in Euro) may vary slightly from what is shown above due to exchange rate fluctuations.. As you go through the order process, you will see in a later screen the actual total price displayed in your local currency. Orders are handled for us by SWreg, our e-commerce partner who have been absolutely great at providing a reliable and secure e-commerce gateway for us. Note: because of the way SWreg's currency conversion works, some buyers may get a slightly better price by changing the currency to checkout to 'US Dollars' no matter what your actual native currency is.

I10 - Air Law and ATC ProceduresI21 - Systems, Powerplant, and ElectronicsI22 - Instrumentation
I33 - Flight Planning and MonitoringI40 - Human Performance and LimitationsI50 - Meteorology
I61 - General NavigationI62 - Radio NavigationI71 - Operational Procedures
I92 - IFR Communication

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