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FAA Written (Knowledge) Test Prep Software for PocketPC™ / Windows Mobile™  FAA Written (Knowledge) Test Prep Software for PocketPC™ / Windows Mobile™ FAA Written Test Preparation

This is the Download / Order page for GroundSchool for PocketPC™ / WindowsMobile™.
  • You are welcome to download the software and see how it works on your PDA. GroundSchool has been designed to work with a wide variety of Microsoft WindowsCE™, PocketPC™, and Windows Mobile™ PDAs and mobile phones.
  • If you are looking for the order page for the Desktop PC (MS-Windows) versions of GroundSchool-FAA, click here.
  • Each download below contains all of the charts, figures, and explanations of the full-fledged PC version. As such, it is an excellent and complete learning tool for FAA written tests. Due to the large amount of content contained, however, this also means that GroundSchool will consume a relatively large amount of memory / system resources on your PocketPC. We have done our best to minimize the impact by making each test a seperate download so that you get exactly the data for your test and not more, but the files are nevertheless quite large.
  • GroundSchool for PocketPC / Windows Mobile is sold seperately from GroundSchool for PC. However, there is a substantial discount for existing GroundSchool for PC registered users. Please click on the 'buy now' button for pricing information or to order.

You must have Microsoft Compact Framework 2.0 (or greater) installed on your PocketPC for this software to work
  • This is already pre-installed on many, but not all, recent PocketPC / Windows Moblie Devices
  • If you do not have it, don't worry - you can download it, free, from Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework Downloads Page. It's easy to install - do this BEFORE you install GroundSchool.
  • The software simply will not work without this installed on your PocketPC.

Need some help? Try our step-by-step download, installation, and use guide.

Commercial Pilot Buy Now 
The Commercial Pilot test bank includes all of the tests listed below. When you register/buy this test bank, you will get full access to study for all of these FAA written tests.
download Commercial Pilot Airplane
download Commercial Pilot Glider
download Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter
download Commercial Pilot Canadian Conversion
download Commercial Pilot Balloon - Gas
download Commercial Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Airship)
download Military Competence Airplane
download Commercial Pilot Balloon - Hot Air
download Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Gyroplane
download Military Competence Helicopter
Need some help? Try our step-by-step download, installation, and use guide.
Versions of this softwarae are available for all of our FAA Written Test preparation titles. Click here to see a complete list of all of our FAA GroundSchool for PocketPC Titles

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