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SBD Dauntless

System Status Notice
Helpdesk Notice: - Due to a system maintenance issue, part or all of our online helpdesk is temporarily unavailable. This may affect a few things in our system, including knowledgebase access. Our technicians are actively working on this. You can continue to use this site as normal, though in some places you may run into somthing unavailable due to this maintenance activity. We hope to have everything back up and running soon.

 Contact Us Dauntless Software

Not actually us.

  • All customer issues, including
    • technical support
    • customer support
    • pre-sales inquiries
    • general comments
    • just to say hi
    • and ALL other such inquiries
    are handled through our online helpdesk. If you are an end-user customer or potential customer needing any sort of help whatsoever, we will be happy to help you out through our helpdesk system.
  • Why don't we provide support by telephone?
  • If you are looking to purchase our products in China, Hong Kong, or Macau, please contact our Chinese Partner, Wuhan Aerocloud Consulting Service Co., Ltd.
  • The helpdesk system also contains a knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions about our products.


  • We are located near Philadelphia PA. Our US/FAA products are made with pride in the USA. Sorry, we do not have a walk-in office for customers to visit, but we always welcome your comments via our helpdesk.
  • Our company name is intended to honor the SBD Dauntless aircraft and the brave men who flew it.
  • Dauntless was founded in 1996. Check out our original homepage!
  • Our Canadian and European software is made in conjunction with Canadian/European Professional Pilots / Flight Schools (FTUs) / Flight Instructors, and partner organizations.

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