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FAA Written Test Instructor Signoff Service  FAA Written Test Instructor Signoff Service FAA Written Test Preparation

At Dauntless Aviation, we're the leaders in providing reasonably priced, highly effective FAA knowledge test preparation materials. In order to take certain FAA knowledge tests at an authorized testing center, a piece of paper alternately known as a 'signoff' or 'endorsement' may be required. Getting a signoff to take your knowledge test after using our test prep materials is easy - just visit your local flight school or flight instructor who will generally be happy to provide you with one after you present evidence of your readiness by showing your progress using our prep apps. Screenshots, printouts, and similar showing your readiness will usually suffice.

Most flight schools and flight instructors are happy to provide student pilots with endorsements as needed. If you go to your local flight school with evidence of study and preparedness using one of our FAA knowledge test prep apps, you will generally have absolutely no problem getting an endorsement to take your knowledge test. This is how the overwhelming majority of our users do things. It's a proven system, consistent with FAA regulations, and it works. Even if you've never been to your local flight school before, most are thrilled to have a potential student with a solid record of preparation for a knowledge test walk through their doors, as they highly value the potential of a relationship with a well motivated individuals. What's more, certified testing centers are often co-located at such flight schools, making the whole process a one-stop affair. It is not unusual to arrange to get a signoff with a local instructor immediately before taking a knowledge test.

We strongly encourage you to utilize the services of your local flight school or instructor to obtain a signoff as the process there will likely be cheaper and easier for most applicants. However, if this is absolutely impossible for you, please contact our helpdesk to enquire about our signoff services. Please do this only after you have adequately prepared for your knowledge test (are able to score well into the 90s consistently on multiple practice test covering all study areas) and have yourself verified that you need a signoff for your actual test (not all tests and situations require it). We cannot help with questions of 'Do I need a signoff?' - please contact your local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) if you have such quasi-legalistic questions. Please note that the following will be required for you to use our signoff service:

  • You will need to have a Skype (or phone, or similar voice-based messenger) conversation (30 minutes to one hour is typical) with one of our certified instructors where you will be quizzed on the relevant material to verify your preparation. The conversation will occur at a mutually agreed-upon time.
  • You will need to provide us with copies of your ID for us to verify your identity.
  • The fee for this service will be $120 if you are inside of the USA, and $150 otherwise. This fee must be paid in advance and is non-refundable, even if the instructor declines to offer you an endorsement if he/she feels you are underprepared. AAs of this writing, this has never happened, but we leave open the possibility. That said, if that happens, we will generally agree to a second session a bit later where you'll have another chance at no or reduced price.

Thank you for your understanding.


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