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FAA CheckRide Oral Exam Preparation - Order Step 1  FAA CheckRide Oral Exam Preparation - Order Step 1 Dauntless Aviation
The page below is for purchasing Microsoft Windows™ PC version(s) of RideReady. Other versions are also available: iPhone™ / iPad™ | Android™ | Mac™

This page is for purchasing a single-user, nontransferable license for a Windows PC version of the RideReady 'CopterPRO Bundle'. This is a special bundle of three of Dauntless Software's RideReady Helicopter FAA Practical Test Oral Exam preparation software titles at a special bundle price. The three titles are:

  • RideReady: Private and Commercial Pilot Helicopter
  • RideReady: Instrument Rating (IFR) Helicopter
  • RideReady: Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Helicopter

In short, this is a complete package intended to help you get from being a relative novice helicopter pilot to being one certified to work professionally as a commercial pilot and/or flight instructor. When you purchase the bundle (below), you will receive, via e-mail, unlock codes to unlock the three RideReady titles above. In most cases, the unlock codes will arrive in your e-mail inbox a few moments after your order is accepted.

Once you complete the purchase process, an activation code will be emailed to you. This activation code will transform the demo software, which you can download from here into the fully unlocked version where you have complete access to all the study content.

Content Notice: Please note that because there is content commonality (occasionally significant) among the checkrides (for example, you need to know certain equivalent weather information for all of the checkrides), there are questions that are duplicated in the titles. This is because each of the products is also sold as a stand-alone prep.

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