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 Ordering by Phone or Fax Dauntless Software

If you need more in-depth answers or technical support than what is provided below, you can get it from our online helpdesk system. This also includes a Frequently Asked Questions section. Click here to visit the helpdesk.

While in many years of processing orders online we have NEVER had ANY credit card or security irregularity and our customer data has always been secure, we understand that some of you aren't comfortable with the idea of sending your credit card information online. For you, our order processing company has a number of solutions including ordering by phone, fax, etc. What you should do is this:

  • Start the order process online. That is, enter your name, etc into the secure order form.
  • When the order process gets to the screen where it asks about methods of payment, it will allow you to select various non-online-credit card options, such as ordering by phone, fax, wire transfer, PayPal, and so forth. Select the option you are interested in.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions as to what to do next. For example, if you want to order by phone, the instructions may give you a number to call at that time.
  • Please note: the company that handles orders for us may attach a handling surcharge (typically a few dollars) for orders not placed online. This surcharge is entirely beyond our control, and has varied over the months. Please read carefully to see if any such surcharge might apply to you.
  • Please also note: ordering in means other than on-line may cause a delay of your receiving the registration code and/or software you want due to handling / process issues, again, beyond our control. For these reasons, we encourage you to order on-line if possible.
  • The people who answer the phones do not work for us--rather, they work for the order-processing company, and as such cannot answer questions with regards to our software. If you have pre-sales questions, please email them to us.

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