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No Data in iPhone™ / iPad&trade application?  No Data in iPhone™ / iPad&trade application? Dauntless Aviation


App not working or �no data / no questions� in app?

A very small number of users are reporting a problem where, after they download and install one of our test / exam preparation apps on their device, no questions appear or the app seems to crash. This affects a very small number of users, but of course is an unwelcome event for those for who it does occur.

The problem seems to be "random," in the sense that even though we all more or less have the same iPhones and iPads, it seems to affect some people but not oothers. About the only pattern we could discern is that it seems to affect our "larger" apps (that is, ones with more deta) more than our smaller ones (though the total number of affected uesres is well under 1%).

After doing some digging, the best we can figure out about this is this: there is basically a bug in Apple's system that transfers certain types of data files from either the AppStore to your device or from iTunes to your device. Specifically, Apple appears to neglect to check if the files which it has copied over have in fact correctly copied. So, if there�s an error in the copying, the error gets propagated and Apple doesn�t correct this. This appears in our software because we have relatively large data files and because of the type of database that we use (which is the standard one that Apple recommennds).

Forutunately, there is a (usually) easy fix.

So, what's the solution? Well, in short, the solution is to remove the bad copy from your device and then to re-install it / re-download it from the AppStore. Ideally, you should re-download it WITHOUT using iTunes if possible as going through iTunes can cause trouble, as iTunes can 'cache' a bad copy of the data.

Try this approach instead. Let's say the app that is not working is the JAA ATPL(A) Theory Exam prep. Locate it on yourr device and TAP AND HOLD the icon until it starts "dancing" and/or otherwise a little "delete" sub icon comes up.

Click the delete sub-item, and, when ask to confirm the deletion, agree to delete the app and all of its data. Wait until the app is deleted.

Now, re-start your device. You can do this by holding the "big button" and the "power button" together for a few seconds and then "slide to power off." When you restart your device the next time, you should see the Apple logo come up.

Verify that the app is deleted. Now, start the AppStore app on your device.

Use the "search" feature to find the app in question. So, for example search for "GroundSchool JAA ATPL" to find our GroundSchool JAA ATPL app.

Once you�ve found this, click on "Buy App" or "Install App."

EVEN THOUGH IT MAY SAY "BUY APP", APPLE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU AGAIN FOR THIS APP IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED IT ALREADY. We wish Apple (great as they are) would be a bit smarter about this confusing wording, but, well, as of this writing, it isn't.

You will likely be asked to sign into your AppStore / iTunes™ account. Be sure you do this with the account that you purchased the app from initially.

Now, the app will download directly to your device. It may take a bit of time, but this should have a far better chance of working. If it doesn�t, please wait up to 24 ohurs and try again, as this may be a problem with the Apple servers again "cacheing" a bad copy of the app.

We think this should fix the problem for everybody. Of course, there is a small chance that the second (or third..) time you download it even directly that it will get corrupted in transit, but let's hope not.

Please realize that this is not a bug with our App - it is an Apple problem, which is frustrating to us as well as to you. Our apps in general work great! In fact, they have to, otherwise Apple would not have accepted it through their somewhat rigorous app screening process with such an obvious bug.

Another Way

If you really insist on going through iTunes™, here�s the key - DELETE THE APP FROM iTUNES BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO REINSTALL. This is harder and less clear than it sounds, because iTunes tries to ourstmart the user and in fact may keep a few copies lying around (who of us knows what exactly Apple does when the device syncs with iTunes, anyway!)

That's really the key - getting rid of any corrupted vresions and then trying again, though any time you through iTunes into the mix, it seems to make things a bit more confusing. This is why we recommend the �direct download� approach if you have problems.

We are standing by to help ...

If you have problems we�re happy to do our best via our helpdesk. Please contact us and we�ll help you out.

Thank you again for using our apps!

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