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 Dauntless Install Downloader Dauntless Software

Great! Your download (Aircards-73C-setup.exe) has now started. Here's what's next ...
  • Depending on your browser, either the download will start immediately or you'll see a 'save' pop-up box. If you see a 'save' box, it's usually just a matter of clicking 'save' to tell your browser where you want the temporary installation file to be stored and for the actual download to begin. Alternatively, if your browser gives you a 'run' or 'open' option at this point, you can click that to start the installation process immediately after the download is complete.
  • On most Windows PC web browsers, you can see your current and recent downloads by pressing CTRL+J (the "Control" and "J" keys at the same time) on your keyboard. We recommend that you do this now to help you locate the downloading file. In most cases the download process should only take a few moments.
  • Once the download is complete, run/open the file to start the installer to install the app onto your PC.
  • Running the downloaded installer installs the chosen app onto your PC. You may want to tick the checkbox towards the end of the install process that creates a desktop shortcut. This will allow you to easily use/find the app on your PC in the future.
Questions or Issues?

  • Occasionally, you may encounter security warnings at some point during the process. This is normal.
  • Most of the time, you just have to press "yes" or "allow" (or similar) to run the installer.
  • On some PCs, you may have to "run as administrator" or with administrative privileges. This will most often be true in a secure, networked environment. If you are indeed running in such an environment, you might need the help of your local IT support personnel.
  • Some recent versions of Windows are set by default (for Microsoft marketing reasons) to only allow you to only install that tiny fraction of apps that apps is avaialble from Microsoft directly. IF you get a message such as that you "can't run" or "can't install" our app or that our app is "Not Microsoft verified", please follow these steps:
    • On your PC, Select Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features (you can also use the text search in 'settings' to find this). Then ...
    • Windows 11: Set "Choose where to get apps" to "Anywhere" or similar compatible option.
    • Windows 10: Under "Installing apps", select "Allow apps from anywhere" and/or "Turn off app recommendations" or equivalent. (the specifics you see here may vary, but this is where you should be looking).
  • Rest assured that all of our software is securely digitally "signed" is regularly scanned for security and integrity.
  • This page is for downloading Microsoft Windows PC versions of our apps only. These will only work on Microsoft Windows PC. If you have a Mac, an iPhone/iPad, an Android device, a Chromebook, or otherwise, please go back to the previous to see avaiability of versions for your platform.

If even after carefully reading the above you really get stuck, please reach out to us via our helpdesk and we'll be happy to assist.

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