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 Product Download and Installation Help Dauntless Software

We're always happy to hear from you! To contact technical, pre-sales, or customer support, please visit our helpdesk.

Files too Large to Download Easily? Get a "Download Helper" program such as GoZilla or GetRight

Some of our files are large and downloading may be a problem, especially for those of you dialing up with slower Internet connections.

Programs such as GetRight handle things like broken connections, phone disconnections, etc for you. What they do is resume downloads at the point where they left off if they are interrupted. [Get GetRight and similar utilities] Note: we are not associated with the makers of GoZilla, GetRight, or any other such program.

After you download, you get a ".Zip file corrupt" or "Not a valid Windows application" or similar error.

What has happened is that your browser has been somehow "tricked" into thinking that it has completed the download when in fact it has not. This means that a partial download is stuck in your browser's cache and it's trying to run half a file. The general answer to this is for you to clear your cache ('Delete Temporary Internet Files") and try downloading again. In practice, this is sometimes a black art with certain browsers. More help with incomplete and partial downloads or 'zip file corrupt' messages.

Why are the downloads so large, anyway?
Plase read this web page describing this answer in some detail for our GroundSchool FAA Knowledge Test preparation materials. Answers for other products are essentially the same or similar.

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