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CAAC China ATPL Airline Pilot Theory Exam Preparation - Order Page  CAAC China ATPL Airline Pilot Theory Exam Preparation - Order Page Dauntless Software
This is the order page for the China ATPL Airline Pilot Theory Exam Preparation PC Software.

This is NOT the page to order the iPhone™/iPad™ or Android™ app versions of the GroundSchool China ATPL. [ Click here for iPhone™ / iPad™ apps. | Click here for the Android™ apps. | Click here for the Mac™ apps. ]

Order Screen

Great! You're now on your way to registering (purchasing) GroundSchool China ATPL Exam software.

The software costs $149.99 to unlock.

The software is licensed under the terms and conditions listed in the box below. Please indicate your agreement by checking the box below and then clicking on 'continue.'

Terms and Conditions GroundSchool China ATPL Ordering Terms and Conditions (Please Read!)

It is very important that you read and understand the terms and conditions of purchase here, as purchase of this product is strictly non-refundable.

  • GroundSchool China ATPL is a program that works on PCs that have Microsoft Windows™ and compatible operating systems. Because of the large variety of PC and potential incompatibilities with some systems and because purchases of the software are strictly non-returnable, we strongly suggest that you install and try out GroundSchool China ATPL and make sure that it is running to your satisfaction on their PC before purchase. You are welcome to download GroundSchool China ATPL from here.
  • The license being sold here is a SINGLE USER, NON-TRANSFERRABLE license. What that means is that you are welcome to download and install the software for your OWN PERSONAL USE. Yes, you are allowed to install the software on, for example, your laptop and home PC or your work and home PCs under this license. The key here is that you must be the only user. If you know of friends, colleagues, co-workers, or others who might benefit from this software, please encourage them to download and purchase their own copies. Thank you for your understanding.
  • After your purchase is processed, you will receive, via email, an unlock code that will allow you to transform the demo version of the software (which you can download from our website) into the fully unlocked version for the test bank that you have selected.
  • You are NOT purchasing a CD-ROM or any other physical media here, and so no product will be arriving at your physical mailing address. In most cases, your unlock code will arrive in your email inbox within moments.
  • If you have any questions whatsoever, we're standing by to help via our helpdesk.

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