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SimPlates for Android™  SimPlates for Android™ Dauntless Aviation
Yes! Simplates is a perfect companion app for pilots of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and 2024, X-Plane, Prepar3D and more! Learn More


SimPlates IFR Approach Plates for Android

Android™ versions of SimPlates IFR Approach Plates

Android Title
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 IFR Appraoch Plates for Flight Simulation
SimPlates Ultra
Android apps are for compatible Android devices only!

The Android™ apps on this page work great with the vast majority of Android-based mobile phones (smartphones), tablets, and similar devices - however, they are NOT intended for use with your PC, Mac, or iPhone / iPad.

Apps including ours for Android devices are available for purchase via Google's Android App Market and/or Amazon's Android App Store. If you have a compatible Android-based device, you are welcome to purchase our Android apps from the Google Play (formerly known as the Android App Market) and/or Amazon Android App Store.

Our Android apps (programs) have been needed to be specifically designed, programmed, and tested (a process involving hundreds to thousands of hours and specialized skills and tools) to work on Android devices and they certainly do work great on them. However, this also means that they work on compatible Android devices only--purchases made via the Google Play and/or Amazon Android App Store are not compatible with and will not work on, for example, your PC, Mac, or iPhone/iPad.

If you'd like to use a given app for both your Android device and its equivalent piece of software for your PC, Mac, or iPhone/iPad (where one is available), as some people do in order to get 'the best of both worlds', you would need to purchase these separately. This 'a la carte' system ensures that you pay for only that which you intend to use and is fair to all involved.

We thank you for your understanding.

"A must have for serious flight simulator pilot"
- FlightSim.com review

RideReady for Android Screenshots

Fantastic! I've waited for something like this!
A great app that works perfectly on my ASUS transformer prime! From what I've seen so far, charts are accurate and reasonably up to date (even current in the US). I operate a full 737NG home cockpit and purchased a tablet simply for quick access to airport charts. Cannot recommend this app highly enough!
Are you a flight sim flyer that likes to fly correct procedures at airports around the world but find it hard to obtain the charts ? well Simplates is the answer, what Simplates is is a very neat program that will down load these charts for you in next to no time , the program is stand alone so you dont need any other program to run it and will work with any Flight Simulator eg FS2004 to X-Plane etc, there are Over 30,000 real-world IFR plates and some VFR ones too .. but thats not all as the Android version is now the new ultra edition which now has about 80,000 charts . I have used an older version of Simplates on the PC so i knew this version would be good , in fact its better then i thought it would be and so too is the customer support as i had a few problems but these turned out to be the fault of my credit card company and not the program. One thing i would add is dont use these for any form of real world flying as the charts will be out of date but are great for flight simulators. all in all a great product that works fine on my S2 and would look even better on a tablet .
Amazingly excellent collection
The reviewer who gave this one star is a liar, and probably one who planted the review artificially for his much more expensive subscription based service. The reality is that simplates has a HUGE amount of plates.. larger than any other, does NOT have any supposed license check other than the one that Google play has for ALL apps and of course you don't have to manually copy the plates to your device like you do with the rip off subscription that the other guy mentioned. Simplates has more and better plates now and the dauntless help desk told me there would be a massive free upgrade soon, too. Love this app. Incredible value for what you get. I use it every time I use msfs.
A must for Flight Simming
HUGE collection of plates for flight sim use. I was surprised just how many there were. Very useful in flying a variety of approaches. Highly Recommended.
Great App!
The number and quality of plates was larger than I anticipated. Excellent stuff and really useful for flight simulator. Excellent customer service, too!

SimPlates Ultra Plate Coverage

  • Approximately 80,000 total plates**
  • See the list below for a live list for the airports covered and the number of plates included.
  • While the list below is "live," it may not be 100% accurate. While it should generally be pretty correct, it is potentially subject to all of the following caveats:
    • There may be plates / countries / airports included that are not on the list below (not likely to be many)
    • For a variety of reasons, plates / countries / airports listed below might not be available, or might become unavailable in the future*.
    • While the coverage of SimPlates ultra is excellent, not every country is covered to the same depth.
    • Occasionally, a listed plate may be unavailable, permanently or not, due to technical reasons.
    • For some airports, especially "VFR Only" rural ones, the included plate may be only a textual "information plate" and not a graphical approach or other plates. Probably around 3% of plates are like this.
    • To see the list of plates included for a given airport, go to PilotNav.com and find the airport there. The list of plates is included on the airport's PilotNav page. In some cases, not all plates for a given airport are available-- you can check.
  • Despite the caveat list above, it really is an excellent and HUGE list of plates that will do wonders for the realism and enjoyment of your flight simulator entetainment experience*.

* This list is believed to be accurate. However, in a very small percentage of cases, it may happen that an airport in this list is not available in the shipped version. We apologize for this if this happens to you, however, please understand that this list does not constitute a guarantee, and the unavailability of any airport/airports in this list does not constitute grounds for refund / rebate of any sort. Thank you for understanding.

** This is a static estimate and is only an estimate. The number of distinct PDF documents at the time of this writing is around 63,000, though in some cases single PDF documents contain multiple plates. In a small number of cases,this may include duplicate versions of similar plates from differing sources or times, such as both a Military and Civil version of essentially the same approach.

Instrument Approach Charts for Flight Simulator Use
More Info for PC for Mac for iPhone/iPad for Android

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