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Safelog FAA and CAA/JAA Pilot Logbook Software - OLD (LEGACY) PC VERSIONS  Safelog FAA and CAA/JAA Pilot Logbook Software - OLD (LEGACY) PC VERSIONS Pilot Logbook Software
The downloads below are the LEGACY (that is OLD) versions of Safelog for PC. These have since been superceded by the new version of Safelog for PC which you can download from www.PilotLog.com.

We are making the following LEGACY VERSIONS available for those with very specific needs, such as those who might still have an old Safelog PC .DAT file (such as MyLogbook.dat) that they want to synchronize before migrating to a new version.

We are happy to provide advice and assitance with migration questions on a "as best as we reasonably can, but absolutely no guarantees given" basis. However, beyond that, please understand that this legacy version is now superceded/obsolete. so we will not be providing tech support or upggrades for it. Our own knowledge of these versions is now limited as we've not dealt with them for a very long time.

Your goal with any of the versions below should be at most to get it, restore your data from a dat file, sync your data to our servers and/or print it out/export it as best as you can.

In a nutshell, here are the steps most of you should do:

  1. Download and install one of the LEGACY versions below.
    • These versions are ancient. They may not work on modern PCs/Windows versions. Absolutely no guarantees or warranties whatsoever are provided. These may not work at all.
    • We might not be able to provide support for these versions at all.
    • In extreme cases, you may need to locate an old PC with an older version of Windows to try running this.
  2. Use the backup/restore function to RESTORE your logbook from a Safelog DAT backup file that you might have.
  3. If before the previous step you are prompted to activate your software, please visit www.dauntless-soft.com/unlockhelp if you dont know your unlock information.
  4. Once you have restored your data from the .dat file, you should be looking at your logbook in the legacy program.
  5. Click on 'web sync' or 'sync' at the top of the main logbook page. Follow the instructions to sync your data to SafelogWeb.
  6. If it's your first time doing this, you will receive an email with your password. If you don't receive your password or don't know it after syncing, visit www.dauntless-soft.com/lostcode to recover your password. It may be listed as 'Safelog' or as 'FlightSuite.'
  7. If you want, log in to SafelogWeb.com from a web browser to confirm that your data has synced to our servers.
  8. Close out the old Safelog PC version.
  9. Download and install the new Safelog PC version from www.PilotLog.com
  10. Use the same email address and pw that you did for SafelogWeb.com in the new PC version. Your data should automatically sync from there on and you'll be good to go.
  11. At this point you will no longer ever need the old (legacy) PC version.

In extreme cases, if you cannot get any of this to work but have data that you must get out of a .dat file, we may be able to do it for you. However, due to the time, effort, and expertise involved, we would have to charge you a VERY SUBSTANTIAL amount for this ($$$$+). It is best for all involved if you are able to do this yourself using the old versions provided below if at all possible.


Safelog Pilot Logbook
for USA (FAA)


Safelog Pilot Logbook
for UK/Europe/World (EASA/CAA/JAA)


Safelog Pilot Logbook
for Canada


Safelog Pilot Logbook
for Australia


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