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FAA ATP Checkride Oral Exam Preparation  FAA ATP Checkride Oral Exam Preparation Dauntless Aviation

FAA ATP checkride oral  exam preparation
FAA ATP checkride oral  exam preparation

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You're invited to download our RideReady: ATP (Airplane) software. It is intended to help you pass your FAA checkride (practical test) oral exam. You can download it from below and be studying for your ATP in a matter of minutes.

When making this software, we found a great deal of confusion among pilots and instructors about the ATP checkride. So, if an ATP practical test is in your future, please do read on!

First, there's the question of what the ATP checkride is NOT. The ATP checkride is NOT an airline test. You are not expected to be a master of turbine operations (if you have been doing your flying in piston-driven aircraft up to this point). Unless you are taking the ATP written in a 121 or 135 environment (that is, you're already employed by a 121 or 135 organization as a pilot and so part 121/135 work is part of your daily routine), the oral exam will likely touch only lightly (if at all) on part 121 and 135 topics. You may recall that you had a choice of Part 121 or Part 135 ATP written tests to take. There is no such distinction in the checkride. For the most part, your written test is the last time that you will see questions about how many flight attendants are required or how to compute mach numbers, at least as far as your ATP checkride goes.

For the vast majority of ATP pilots, including those taking a short "ATP finish up" course at a local or national facility, the ATP checkride will be quite similar to their multi-engine commercial checkride, plus a few very basic questions about Part 121 vs 135 (such as "what's the difference between the two?"). Don't think it will be easy, though! Where an "ok" knowledge of some material for your multi-engine checkride may have sufficed, you will need to have an EXCELLENT knowledge for your ATP. What are the three types of hydroplaning? Remember? Well, you will need to. The ATP checkride also places a very strong emphasis on systems knowledge for the aircraft you will be flying as well as testing "advanced" methods and ideas such as ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making) and CRM (Cockpit Resource Management).

The above is, realistically, what you can expect from the ATP checkride oral exam, and our RideReady software will help you prepare for it. In terms of aircraft systems, remember that our software lets you specify which airplane you fly, and then systems questions will be asked about that specific aircraft. Many of the questions are identical to those that you would need to learn for your commercial and multi-engine checkrides.

Don't panic. For the vast, VAST majority of pilots, you don't need to know the systems of some exotic, airline-class aircraft for your ATP checkride. You don't need to know what a dispatch release is or how to work with an aircraft dispatcher, or what a vapor-cycle machine is. If you see a book or other material that claims to be an oral exam prep for the ATP checkride, then in our estimation, that guide is NOT actually going to provide you with the sorts of things you will need to know for your checkride. While all those things might be nice to know for your career in the future, when its time for your ATP practical test, we feel that you need to concentrate on the sort of things that you will actually likely be asked.

Lastly, there's the question of "will this software be compatible with the ATP weekend course that I am doing?" Short answer: YES. RideReady: ATP's content is compatible with most if not all airplane ATP short-courses. The fact is that if you use RideReady to learn or refresh as much as possible before the course, your course will likely be easier for you and there is a high probability that you will save money because of the less flying time that will be necessary. Remember, the cost of the software is about what 10 minutes in a light twin costs.

Since the vast majority of people take a multi-engine ATP checkride, the software and its systems questions are geared towards ME aircraft. However, if you are taking the ATP single checkride, you will still find significant value in RideReady: ATP as a great number of questions in the software are common to both checkrides. This software includes specific information for the following aircraft (you can select one of them or, if you're not flying one of these, you can also specify a 'custom' aircraft, including a custom single-engine aircraft!)

  • Beech Duchess
  • Cessna 310
  • Piper Seminole
  • Piper Seneca
  • Piper Twin Comanche

In short, we feel that RideReady takes a realistic approach to the ATP checkride, and this has been confirmed through the experiences of pilots and reviewers. Please do try it out and download it.

Software Download
The best way to get a feel for the software is to download it and try it out.

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Airline Transport Pilot

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Tailwheel Transition
Make your transition to tailwheel flight as easy as possible by learning the knowledge material first by using RideReady: Tailwheel Transition before or during your tailwheel course.

Thanks for checking out the software! Good luck on your test, and blue skies!

Saluting Pilot

The FAATest.com Team



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