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Aircraft Recognition for the Aviation Professional  Aircraft Recognition for the Aviation Professional Dauntless Aviation
& iPad
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Please download it from below.

We all love aircraft. But how well do you really know them? Let's say you're coming in for landing at a busy airport, and ATC tells you

Quickly - which of the aircraft (A, B, or C) would you expect to follow?

As far as real ATC procedures go, we admit that this example is somewhat unrealistic and a bit sneaky.� However, it serves to illustrate an important point. Did you choose the GulfStream I turboprop (the first image)? The corporate jets pictured here are not Gulfstreams.

Being able to identify aircraft quickly and accurately will make you a safer and more competent aviation professional. It's a skill that carries into the air and on taxiways and runways and helps ensure the safe and efficient use of our airspace system. However, more immediately, this is a good skill to have for your career.

If you're like most people who are likely to be reading this, you probably already have a fairly good working knowledge of a number of common aircraft types. However, what Name That Plane! will do is really elevate your level to that of a true professional. Name That Plane! makes the process of systematically learning the bulk of civil aircraft in the world today, including airliners, corporate jets, regional aircraft, and larger propeller/turbopro aircraft easy.

But please don't take our word for it - you're welcome to download the software for yourself, free, right now, and see for yourself. You'll be surprised at some of the common errors you may be subject to and also how quickly your knowledge will increase through use of Name That Plane!

Name That Plane Features:

A database of thousands of high quality aircraft images including essentially every major and many minor modern civil aircraft, including airliners, corporate jets, regional jets, other regional aircraft, and larger propeller and turboprop aircraft
A wide array of study and learning modes that turn the learning process into a fun game.
Built in data sets for typical US and European airports and nearly infinite flexibility to allow you to customize the learning experience to your operational environment
A "Captain's Challenge" exam mode where you can really test your skills. If you pass this, Name That Plane can print a certificate of completion for you that you can use for your career.
Free, built-in lifetime updates. When we change our database because, for example, a new aircraft is produced, you can get the latest and greatest content with only a few clicks.
Much, much more. Please don't take our word for it - download it from below and see for yourself!

Software Download
The best way to get a feel for the software is to download it from below it and try it out! The demo is free (and if you decide to purchase it, the price is very reasonable.)


Name That Plane! for MS-Windows PCs
Modern Civil Aircraft Recognition for Aviation Professionals

Name That Plane! for iPhone™ and iPad™
Modern Civil Aircraft Recognition for Aviation Professionals

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Aircraft Featured in NameThatPlane include:

Airbus A300Airbus A310
Airbus A318Airbus A319
Airbus A320Airbus A321
Airbus A330Airbus A340
Airbus A350*Airbus A380
Antonov An12Antonov AN124
Antonov AN148*Antonov AN2
Antonov AN225Antonov AN24
Antonov AN72ATR 42
ATR 72Avro RJ100--BAe146
Avro RJ70and85--BAe146BAC One Eleven
BAe ATPBeech 1900C
Beech 1900DBeechcraft 2000 Starship
Beechcraft C99Beechcraft King Air 200
Beechcraft King Air C90 and F90Beechcraft Super King Air 350
BeechJet 400 / Mu300 / Raytheon Hawker 400XPBoeing 707
Boeing 717Boeing 727
Boeing 737 100 200Boeing 737 300 400 500
Boeing 737 600 700 800 900Boeing 747 100
Boeing 747 400Boeing 747 800
Boeing 747 SPBoeing 767
Boeing 777Boeing 787
Bombardier Global ExpressCanadair CRJ 200
Canadair CRJ 700Canadair CRJ 900
CASA 212Cessna 208 Caravan
Cessna 411Cessna 421 Golden Eagle
Cessna Citation CJ1 and CJ2Cessna Citation I, II, V
Cessna Citation MustangCessna Citation X
Challenger 600 seriesCOMAC ARJ21*
Dassault Falcon 20Dassault Falcon 2000
Dassault Falcon 50, 900, and 7XDe Havilland Canada DHC6 Twin Otter
De Havilland Canada DHC7De Havilland Canada DHC8
Douglas DC3Douglas DC6
Eclipse 500Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante
Embraer EMB 120 BrasiliaEmbraer ERJ 135
Embraer ERJ 145Embraer ERJ 170/175*
Fairchild Dornier 328JetEmbraer ERJ 190/195*
Fairchild Dornier Do 228Fairchild Dornier Do 328
Fokker 100Fokker 50
Fokker 70Fokker F27 - Fairchild FH227
Fokker F28 FellowshipGAF N22 Nomad
Gulfstream I - Grumman G-159Gulfstream II
Gulfstream IIIGulfstream IV
Gulfstream VHawker 800 - BAe125 - HS125
Hawker Siddley HS748 - Avro 748 - Hindustan 748HondaJet
IAI Astra SPX, Galaxy - Gulfstream 100, 200IAI Westwind - Rockwell 1121 Jet Commander
Ilyushin IL-62Ilyushin IL-18
Ilyushin IL-76Ilyushin IL-86
Ilyushin IL-96Jetstream 31 32 and 41
Lear 23 24 25Lear 31
Lear 35Lear 45
Lear 60Let 410
Lockheed L100 HerculesLockheed L1011 Tristar
Lockheed L1329 JetstarLockheed L188 Electra
McDonnell Douglas DC8McDonnell Douglas DC9
McDonnell Douglas DC10McDonnell Douglas MD11
McDonnell Douglas MD80McDonnell Douglas MD90
Mitsubishi MU-2Mitsubishi MRJ90*
NAMC YS11Piaggio Avanti P180
Pilatus PC-12Piper Aerostar
Piper CheyennePiper Malibu
Raytheon Beechcraft Premier IRockwell Sabreliner
Saab 2000Saab 340
Shorts 330 and 360Sino-Swearingen SJ30
Socata TBM700Sukhoi Superjet 100*
Swearingen MetroTupolev Tu134
Tupolev Tu154Yakovlev Yak 40
Yakovlev Yak 42 

Please note: the above list may be incomplete as we are constantly refining and adding to the software and don't necessarily always update the above list as we update the software. Updates are always free and are available via a built-in self update feature. There are thousands upon thousands of aircraft images in Name That Plane! to help you learn.

* PC version only.


Aircraft Type Recognition Tutor/Game
More Info for PC for iPhone/iPad

Like you perhaps, I love airplanes and I always have. After several thousand flight hours and thousands more spent reading aviation-related books and magazines I figured I pretty well knew my way around an airport.

And so one day I'm taxiing in and Unicom tells me to park it next to the BeechJet. And then it occurred to me; I wasn't really sure which of the bizjets in front of me was the Beechjet, which was the Hawker, and which was the Lear. Some quick radio back and forth cleared it up soon enough, but in my mind the message was clear; I could do better.

We all have some knowledge of aircraft types, but I think that many pilots could stand to identify aircraft better. I wrote this program not to turn you into one of those guys who sits at the ends of a runway with a pair of binoculars and can tell a DHC Dash 8-300A from a 300B by smell (indeed, in most of the program, variants within a given aircraft type are pretty much ignored). Rather, I wrote this to help the active pilot become a safer and more proficient pilot. One goal is that when ATC tells you to follow the Canadair Regional Jet down the taxiway, you don’t find yourself on the other side of the airfield behind an Emb-145. Another goal is that you can be conversant and sound credible during a checkride or airline interview.

The software is structured so that you can see aircraft side by side and learn to identify them. Use of the program is pretty straightforward—do try all the different options. With a few hours study, with this program, you should find that much of the aircraft type vagueness in your mind has cleared away.

Name That Plane can truly make you a safer and more capable aviation professional.



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