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 Product Feedback Dauntless Software

Over the years, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback from users who have kindly and thoughtfully taken the time to write us with their experiences. Here's a small sample:

A happy pilot-to-be!

Just a note to say thanks, I took my Private written two days ago and passed with a 95%.

I used the test prep and loved the stack feature. I showed me which areas I needed to improve most and I was able to concentrate there.

I also used the audio questions. I have a one hour comuted each way, and it was a great way to utilize the time.

Thanks again, I will be back when I am ready for my IFR!

Brithton, MI

A new helicopter instructor's success!

The software works great! I have used Dauntless for all of my written exams, and passed each one! I recently used it to study for the flight instructor instrument helicopter exam. Thanks Dauntless!

Success after success..

Hi Guys, I love your software, I'd never be able to pass an FAA exam without studying your materials.
Metairie, LA
SG here has been using our GroundSchool system to mow down FAA knowledge exam after knowledge exam. We're glad that we could help him in his quest, just like we can help you. Congratulations, sir!

Outstanding results!

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome FAA test prep app you have put together. I took my FAA test on Dec 21st and there were no surprises. I was well prepared and it showed on my test score. Now I'm getting ready to try your oral exam app. I have to also give credit to my instructor for putting me on to your materials. Thanks Again!
Fairview, OK

One of our users from North Carolina writes...

I used the Dauntless software for my Private, Commercial, Fundamentals of Instruction, and CFI [Rotorcraft] tests. The lowest score I received on any of them was a 97%. There is truly no comparison out there."
Greensboro, NC

Safelog flies with Skywest!

Hello Dauntless and thank you for such a great e-logbook! I love Safelog and recommend it every chance I get.
SkyWest Airlines
Thank you for the kind words. We're glad that Safelog's flying high with you. For the rest of you - whether you're a professional pilot or if you fly for fun, if you haven't yet experienced the flexibility, power, and time savings of computerizing your logbook, why not try our Safelog Electronic Pilot Logbook which has been consistently ranked the best out there? The holiday season is a great time to catch up on things like this.

Cold Outside? Sunny results!

Dear Dauntless,

I love this software! My score was 98 on the real test. Wanting to expedite my progress I just kept testing on GroundSchool until I got at least 95 in four or five consecutive tries and then took the test and it was a breeze. Thanks for the best software!

Vero Beach, FL
Hmm - a great score on the knowledge test AND you get to be out in Florida while the rest of us shiver in other parts of the country? Ah, life is good! Congratulations DH on a superb score and for taking the time to write to us. The rest of us will just have to take comfort in the fact that aircraft perform better when the air is colder (since the air is more dense), that is, if we can get the engines started.

A great score on the IFR written

I just wanted to compliment you on a great product at a reasonable price. I had been using a free test prep for the Instrument written, but I just couldn't break out of the 70s. I purchased this product and in three days, I went from the 70s to getting 85% - 95% on my practice exams. I got an 88 on the real thing. What I like about this product is how it explains why an answer is wrong, reinforcing your understanding of the material...and at a fair price. Thank you for producing this series.
Staten Island, NY

Sometimes our users write us things that sound like ad copy. We didn't write this ourselves, really!

We'd like to congratulate RD while noting that he brings up an interesting point. Those "free" websites are only "free" if your time is worth nothing. Most were put up in a weekend by somebody who inappropriately copied a bunch of questions from our software or a book. They are NOT regularly updated (the two "major" ones that we know of have questions dating back over 8 years!), are usually missing MANY questions, and certainly don't have the professionally written explanations and other content that we do. Additionally, they're clunky and time consuming to use. Really - if you don't like our software, fine, buy a book or something, but it seems like an unwise economy to try to rely on such outdated sites.

A Great Result from an anonymous user!

We received a bit of anonymous feedback from a user today, though it's a wonder he/she remained so modest with auch a wonderful result as this! We're not sure whether this person used the PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Android version of our FAA knowledge test prep. All the same, we congratulate this person on a job superbly done and glad we could play a small part in their success!

I took the Private Pilot written and received a 98% (missed one question). This program was the only thing I truly used to study with, although I did scan other sources to insure that there was not missing material in this program-there wasn't. Of all the other sources I checked out, this was by far the most user friendly in its setup.

I studied the test by studying each section individually until I could consistently get 100% in it or miss one or two. Basically, go through them and let it tell me what I missed right after answering and then once I finished all the questions, I would go back over the ones I missed one more time. Then repeat.

I honestly have no clue how many hours I've spent on this program but I know that it took going through each section "test" 5-10 times depending on its difficulty before I had mastered the section.

I breezed through the actual test, it took me 10-15 minutes tops, and that was only because I forced myself to slow down so as not to make careless errors.

95 on the commercial written!

I studied one month using only the dauntless commercial pilot app and got a 93 on my actual test. Well worth what I paid for the app. I will be using this software for my CFI knowledge test.
Commercial Pilot, Airplane

Commercial Pilot test prep on iPad

I took my commercial airplane written test yesterday, and got a great score on it. Your iPad app is awesome! Thank you for the help and I'll be sure to use your apps for my CFI too.
GroundSchool iPad User

More great feedback from a new Private Pilot!

Excellent program! This was the only study material I used besides the actual FAR/AIM and charts for references. Ended up scoring a 97 and feel like the app covered all material needed and alllowed me to study in a very productive way.
Private Pilot

Awesome score on the FOI test!

Just wanted to send in a report for future and current users. Passed the FOI exam with 98%! Recognized all the questions on the exam- no surprises! Great job Dauntless!
Dothan, AL

97% first try!!!! Great program, very up to date.

97% first try!!!! Great program, very up to date.

'Nothing to be Improved'

Your testing format was extremely helpful in the results for my test. I'm now in the process of studying for my airframe written test using your software. I see nothing to be improved in your material.
Sebewaing, MI

100% on FOI!

So, I had been studying for my FOI a few weeks, mainly from the Aviation Instructor's Handbook. I was bogged down in the stale reading and making no progress till I was sitting waiting for the mechanic to finish work on a rental plane when an older gentlemen struck up discussion and when asked about my goals he told me about your programs. I loaded them onto my IPAD and went to work. I worked the sections individually and then, stacked them as I completed the next. Using al of the handy tools from flash card mode to the decks. The greatest advantage was not just memorizing the answers but, the reference backed up each question ( I love the commentary on the crazy FAA questions). This says that someone took time and really put together a good product with research beyond the books. In two weeks time, studying solely but reference to Dauntless I was smoking through the 438 question bank in about 15 minutes with 99% accuracy. I walked into the test center today and there was another student waiting to take the FOI. He had the appointment before me but, was hesitant to pull the trigger on his $150 exam. I took his time slot commenting confidently, " trust me, I won't be long". In 9 minutes, YES, nine, I smoked the 50 question exam with %100. The guy behind me not so lucky. True story! Great program!
100% on FOI!

98% on Fundamentals of Instruction

98/cent. Thanks!
Jay L
GroundSchool iOS App User

Apparently, we 'rock!' Whoohoo!

You folks really rock. Your software AND your company blow everythng else right out of the water.
Wellborn, FL
We've been honored to have praise from users before, but this one makes us really blush. Thank you very much for the kind words, and we will continue to work hard to live up to all of our users' lofty expectations.

100% on the Private!

I got 100%. I studied using [competito products]k. However, your GroundSchool software from Dauntless Aviation had far and away the best explanations. They are very well written and complete. I felt totally prepared, and finished the test in less than 60 minutes.
100% Private Pilot Test!

Good words about Safelog

Thanks for your support, you're great and I love the software, really...it has made my logging so simple. Keep up the great work!
We're really honored to have a great user base that often is thoughtful enough to give us some kind words from time to time. It is to our great detriment that too often we let such good words go unpublished (we're too busy working, I guess). OSO, a long-time Safelog user went over the top in his praise of us today. Thanks a lot! We look forward to further living up to and indeed exceeding your expectations.

Left seat here he comes!

I got a 100%!!! I was only in the testing center for about 20-30 minutes. I felt very confident. See how I do/did on my other tests at myflyingcareer.com.
Keizer, OR
Seems that JK, who is boldly documenting his progress towards the left seat online has been using our software to prepare for his knowledge and practical tests and this latest score shows that he's clearly on the right track. Congratulations, sir!

CAX Commercial Pilot Written Success!

Nothing on the test not covered in study material ... The course material was great preparation for the commercial written exam.
GroundSchool iOS User

British FAA ATP(H) Pass!

Dear Dauntless I have been flying for 40 years on UK/foreign licences but recently decided to gain my FAA ATP (H). For various reasons my study time was reduced to a one month period but your software was fantastic in helping me pass both the written and oral exams. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Plus your customer support was outstanding. I emailed a query on the 4th of July in the early hours (forgeting the sgnificance as I'm British) and a reply came back straight away, resolving the problem! Many thanks for reducing my stress levels. John
FAA ATP(H), United Kingdom

GroundSchool comes out on top!

I have been using your software for all my FAA written exams (Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP, A&P and now CFI) and cannot emphasis the amount of time I have saved and how helpful it has been. I have looked at other software packages in the pasts and yours seems to be the best one I have ever come across.
UK Pilot Pursuing US Certificates

Last Minute FAA written test cram success..

you guy did a great job. i didn't blow them out of the water but i didn't know i had to take the second test untill the evening before the checkride. Anyway thanks again, I recieved an 80 percent which to me is like 110 percent overkill for such a short notice.
BE200 Captain, Alaska
This gentleman realized the night before his Helicopter CFI-I checkride that he hadn't taken (or prepared for!) his written test. GroundSchool to the rescue!

Glad we could help, sir! Of course, with more time, people using our software usually do a bit better, but we're glad we helped you to your goal nevertheless.

Private and IFR success!

Using your software, I made 100% on my private pilot exam and only missed one question on my IFR. I highly recommend Dauntless to anybody who is studying for their written. You provide amazing value.
Homewood, AL

Some nice words from Germany

This is probably the best E-Learning-Software in the world. Here in Europe we are still dreaming about a software like this!
Tiefenbronn, Germany
HW here recently passed his Private Pilot Airplane FAA written test with the help of our GroundSchool software and is now using GroundSchool to prepare for hia Instrument Rating.

His words are rather extreme praise indeed! While we're sure we're not that that good, we much appreciate the kind words nevetheless.

98% on the Private Pilot test!

I just want to say that I made a 98% on my test and I have to give credit to your program for making that grade possible. The user interface and the ability to be reinforced after each question and being able to review the correct or incorrect answer immediately was an asset to my preparation. The simple and colorful explanations instead of just a few sentences of text, was an important part of understanding the question. I have recommended your program to other aspiring private pilots and will be using this for my instrument rating if I choose to pursue that! Thank you.
Greenacres, FL

GroundSchool accurately predicts FOI test score!

I bought this after studying for 1 and 1/2 days and getting 66% [after studying using a competitor's product]. I [then] used Dauntless at the recommendation of instructor that agreed to sign me off and used it for 4 days and highest practice test score (last one I took) was 88%. I got an 88% on the test!
GroundSchool iOS User

100% On the Commercial Pilot Written!

I used your software to prepare for the FAA Commercial Airplane Written earlier this year and am happy to report I easily got 100% on that test. The software was easy to use, the explanations of the answers were top notch and I found it not only a great test prep tool but a great learning tool! The way the question stacks let me focus on the areas I didn't already have down pat saved me a ton of time in preparing for the test.

Thanks and I'll definitely continue using your products in the future!


FAA written test time and money saver...

I used GroundSchool for my Commercial and CFI, and now am using it for my ATP and FE writtens. This software is saving me huge time, money and sanity issues. Well Done!
Bellingham, WA

Some more great results!

GF of New York City is well on his way to his Private Pilot Certificate.

I scored 98%, and completed the 2.5 hour test in an hour. I was very happy I'd [used] the GroundSchool test preparation.
Well done, GF! A few others have written us recently with similar success. DP of Corpus Christi, TX wrote us:
Just finished up the second test toward my A&P, this program is outstanding, as I stated last month scored an 98 on the AMT general, just scored an 92 on the AMT airframe test.
and TB of Oso, CA wrote us with similar great scores on his A&P tests! Great job, all! We're glad we could play a small role in your success.

Another great score private pilot!

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great product. I took my test today and scored a 98%! Missed one, not too bad. I will definitely recommend this software to anyone I know who's looking to score well!
JT Jacksonville, AR

An iPad user of GroundSchool's report...

Woo hoo i got a 98 on my exam, it's a huge accomplishment, thank you Dauntless! I had reservations about the price, but nothing comes as close to perfect as your software for learning and understanding the material. My test score will make my check ride easier. Next up, instruments. I couldn't be happier. I can't say thank you enough. Clear for takeoff 22M.
Lehighton, PA

Some feedback from an airline pilot..

I must say that the material presented was outstanding. I went into the testing center fully confident of a passing grade. My preparation consisted of about 1-2 hours a day, 4-5 hours a day for about a month and one half. I set a goal of being ready to test on Nov 2 so as that date approached I did spend more time on my weaker areas. I would give your program an outstanding endorsement to anyone preparing to take a FAA exam.
Pilot for a 'major Newark-based airline'
Thank you, sir! And congratulations on your excellent performance. We just make the tool - we are always impressed with the hard work of people like you who use our tools and then go on to great scores.

Awesome scores on Private and IFR Writtens!

You folks have an amazing product. I made 100 on the private pilot and 98 on my instrument exam because I used your software.... I recommend Dauntless to every pilot who is studying for an exam. Amazing value for the money!
Homewood, AL

100% On the Private!

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your software (recommended by my CFI) and audio, I just achieved a perfect score (100%) on the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test! THANKS!
Brooklyn Park, MN

95 on the IFR written!

I took and passed the Instrument Airplane written test today at a local CATS testing center with a 95%. The only few questions I didn't get correct was due to second guessing myself, although the practice questions were available. Great Job in providing this tool to use in my preparation of the test! Thank you!!
Douglassville, PA

Better than time-waster classes

We received an interesting bit of feedback today from a user ...

I just took the CFI-A knowledge exam and failed after attending a 3 day exam prep course at A******* F***** flight academy in Dallas Texas. I then used your iPhone app to prepare for the same test and found it to be more up to date and I passed with ease. Thanks, guys!
While nobody can always claim to have 100% of the questions 100% of the time, the reality is that we work hard to try to keep atop FAA changes in ways that 'ordinary' course instructors can't necessarily. While there is always benefit to studying from a variety of sources, when it comes to actual test preparation, this is best done with the interactive, do-it-at-your-own-pace style that our software and apps allow. Also, remember that classroom instruction is slow due to the fact that lecturing is slow and inefficient. For any given hour, you can learn far more by reading our detailed explanations and using our materials to actually work out problems rather than listening to a lecturer drone on at his/her pace (not yours) on topics that he/she happens to find challenging.

A perfect score!

I think this is the first time in my life I've ever received 100% on an exam. The investment in your software was well worth it!

On to the Private Pilot test next and with a great deal more confidence... I'll let you know how that one goes!

Great work sir! A 100% is a score that you sure can be proud of! We're glad we could play a role in your success.

100% on the private pilot!

I just took the Private Pilot written test. Happy to report that I scored 100% Couldn't have done it without you.
Minneapolis, MN

More nice words

Hi! I'm a student pilot and I've purchased your [GroundSchool FAA written test prep] software, I love it for its simplicity, practicality, and ease of use... Free life time updates are unbeatable. Keep up the good work!
Live Oak, CA
Thanks for the good words, CS! We're grateful that we could play even a small role in your future aviation success.

A "License to Learn" is Made

I passed! I am now a Private Pilot with, as the examiner stressed, a License to learn. Thanks for the help!
Tom's River, NJ

ATP Written Test Success!

I found the software very helpful, the features that I used the most were the Learning and Practice, Stacking Cards and Simulated ATH test.

It took me 1 hour answer all the questions, I studied about a week continuosly (double shift morning and afternoon). My score was 96%.

Great Software!!!

Orlando, FL

Some nice words from one of our users..

The test prep software was REALLY great in getting ready for the test. It was good to go into the CATS Simulation Mode so I could practice the tests how it would really look when I took the test at my local CATS facility. I scored a 98% and was diappointed, because the software covered both questions I missed. The confidence I had going into the actual test made it more of an issue of how high I would score and less of an issue of if I would pass. The software was well worth the price and I wouldn't hesitate to use it again for another test in my future.
Framingham, MA
A nice little thank you note in our inbox today from CR here who took his FAA Flight Engineer Written test after studying with our GroundSchool software. The FE written is great to have even if you never fly as a flight engineer, as many airlines will look at it as extra evidence of your preparedness.

Success at any age...

I consider the Dauntless FAA Test Prep invaluable! I'm 64, and have been retired for nine years and haven't taken any test in over ten years. I think that says a lot for your software, thank you!!
Little Rock, AR

Easy conversion to Safelog from a competitor's product

I a very pleased with the product and easily imported my log data from the [competitor] logbook software. The combination of desktop and iPhone works perfectly...
Campbellville, ON, Canada

Private Pilot Glider Written Success!

I have always liked the test explanations .. they are EXCELLENT! Thanks!
Lebanon Junction, KY

98% on the Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test!

Got a 98% on Private Pilot Written. I was using videos and falling asleep before getting this app. I loved how this app just didn't teach you the answers and questions but really explained the fundamentals on how the answer is obtained. This really helped me with weight and balance and VOR's.
Colorado Springs, CO

Master Pilot Award Winner Praises Safelog!

Thanks for such an outstanding logging program. For the first time in over fifty years of flying my flight information and totals are up to date. Now in the process of entering past log books. Going to be great when I get to the end of this long logging trip! Thanks for the help,
Master Pilot Award Recipient
Pacific, MO

Excellent Score on the CAX!

Very impressed with your course! I am a very busy professional, family oriented individual. In two weeks of studying 30 - 45 min each day, I passed the commercial test ... I have recommended your course to several other pilots already. Thanks!
Cedar City, UT

CFI + FOI double ace!

Compatriots - Just passed Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) with 100%; Flight Instructor Airplane with 99%. Great system you have here - PLUS I learned a bunch! I'm Sold. Thanks Hombres!!
Gig Harbor, WA
Thanks for the good words, sir! And good luck with the CFI ride - if you can do anywhere nearly as well as you did on your writtens, you'll do great.

ATP Success! Maybe we should charge more?

This is a great product! I used it to study for my ATP (121) written and scored almost perfectly. I am now using it to study for an airline interview and some of the functions like the ability to remove questions that use additional figures will save me time.

I was a little unsure the product would stand up as it was much cheaper than alternatives like G**** but I have found it to be much better than I expected.

Daytona Beach, FL

95% on the FAA drone test!

Scored 95%. I felt prepared to answer any question.
Drone Pilot

Great Feedback on the Drone Test!

I would strongly suggest this to anyone who is looking to pass their FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test; This was very helpful in learning to read Sectional Charts, METARs, and TAFs.

Understanding the various Airspace, how to look for, and read radio communications Frequencies, and so forth.

GroundSchool provides a structured base to get the idea what they will be looking for on the Real Test, this definitely will prepare you for it!

Folsom, CA

Passed the tough CFI written test!

Very happy with the CFI exam prep and the audio downloads for CFI helicopter -- they helped a great deal!
St Charles, IL

Another great score!

MJ or Gibraltar Michigan wrote us today with some great news:

I just passed my Commercial Pilot Airplane (CAX) knowledge test with a 96% thanks to your software. This is a great pruduct and a money saver! Keep up the good work!
Congratulations MJ, and good luck on that checkride!

97% on the Private Pilot Written. Awesome!

Thanks for the great software. I passed my FAA written this week with a 97% and felt well-prepared. The way the questions are explained throughout the test prep software is invaluable. I will definitely use this software when I go after my Instrument/Commercial or IA for my A&P.
Lancaster, CA

Wow great work on the FAA Private -- from Spain!

I tried out this software for the PPL and I will continue to use Dauntless to prepare any FAA exam in the future. It has proven to be extremely accurate and updated-did not encounter a single question that wasn't in the software. Apart from the fact I scored 97% I think I can say it helped me to fully grasp what the FAA is looking for behind each of their questions. Anything positive you have read about the quality of the explanations and the way the syllabus is set up is absolutely true. Keep the great work up guys!
FAA Private Pilot, Spain

A new private pilot!

I already took my written test in July. Passed it with a 97%, missing only two questions thanks to your software.
SG, Private Pilot
Battle Ground, WA
SG here used our software for both his written test and to prepare for his checkride and passed both with flying colors. You can too!

GroundSchool Mechanic Success!

Have recently purchased the audio study system for [A&P] powerplant and have enjoyed it greatly. I wish I had purchased the general and airframe as well before I took the tests .... The fact that the program is very versatile where I can adapt it to my own study system is a tremendous benefit that no one should do without, by the way I have other programs but this program is the meat and potatoes by far.
Northwest GA

Commercial Pilot Written Test Success

I decided I would get to work on my commercial ticket. I bought your software and took 25 test questions 2 or 3 times a day. Grades were not good--60's & 70's. After a few days I started 100 question tests 2-3 X/day, and starting scoring consistently 80's. About 10 days in, I scored from 91 to 98 over about a dozen tests. Today I took THE test--91. Thank you! PS: I am 59, so you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Rock Springs, WY

97% on the IFR written!

I really appreciate your efforts to bring updated questions, current legends and figures to your curriculum. It made my score of 97% on the IRA knowledge test possible.

92 on the FII written!

92% on my FII....another excellent test result. Two questions I knew so must have read the answers too quickly, one I talked myself out of the correct answer. ... Regardless, it was a solid pass and I'm very happy. Thanks again!
Albuquerque, NM

Aced the Private Test!

I just took the exam this morning and aced it (with the help of your prep course).
Portland, OR

ATP test success!

This is second time I've taken the ATP exam as my 2 years had expired. I had 2 days to refresh the material and I would say that the program is kept very relevant and up to date. As an instructor I will continue to recommend Dauntless_Aviation software. I believe this is the best setup to ensure you actually LEARN relevant material throughout your study, as opposed to simply learning to pass the test.
Longmont, CO

AGI ground instructor test success!

I used your test prep software to prepare for the Advanced Ground Instructor. I passed easily, thank you. I'm studying now for the glider instructor knowledge exam.
Arlington, TX

GroundSchool takes USAFA Cadets in the wild blue!

US Air Force Academy

I passed the first time with a [great score]! The software was a great tool in studying for the exam with helpful diagrams included in the detailed answer explanations. Not only did the software help me pass the written test, but it helped me actually learn the material as well. Very easy to use and has helped me pass all four of the FAA written exams I have taken. After studying with this software, little study is left to do before the practical tests as well.
US Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

Great Score on the Private!

I scored a 92 which I attribute to your up to date questions along with excellent and detailed explanations.
GroundSchool iOS User

An interesting series of events...

Our FAA test prep apps are unique in that we have a 'report an issue...' feature where users can submit feedback on individual questions. Our editorial team reviews each suggestion and then, if necessary, issues corrections quickly that can be immediately downloaded by users. Contrast this to the books and less updatable software of our competitors, where if the publishers make a mistake, the mistake is 'set in stone.' Anyway, a few days ago we got some feedback from a user who adamantly claimed that we got something wrong because he saw a differing answer in a competitor's book... but then, a few days later, we got this ...

Please disregard my previous comment on this question. When I took the written yesterday, this exact question was on my test and the correct answer was as you described. I scored an 100 on the test, thank you for your great app!
Our system works! Congratulations to that student (JS from Illinois).

100% on the Fundamentals of Insruction!

100% on my FOI test. All completely down to learning from this software, hardly needed the FAA handbook at all! Absolutely worth the money. Will definitely be using for my ATP exam.
London, UK

A Kiwi Scores Great on the FAA FOI!

I was really struggling with my study until I bought your software and thanks to you just passed my FOI!

FOI - no surprises and a great score!

Took the test on August 22... My learning method was to take 50 question tests with your software, study the ones I missed and repeat until I was scoring 90s consistently, then schedule the actual test. The questions in your prep software are perfectly spot-on, I didn't see anything new on the FAA test that I hadn't seen from your study material. Thank you, will be purchasing the CFI study course soon!
Greenville, SC

Great Private Pilot result!

"I just wanted to let you guys know that the software for the FAA private pilot written test was amazing. It really cut down on my study time and I will be using your software when it becomes time for my IFR rating. I just wish someone would've told me sooner!! I have several friends that are learning to fly and I can't wait to tell them about your product."
Manning, SC
Hi RW, thanks for the good words and congratulations on some great results! Now you and other pilots, instructors, and FBOs can get credit for passing along information about our products to fellow pilots and mechanics. Please check out our new Affiliate Program.

97% on the Private Pilot Rotorcraft - Helicopter!

I am pleased to report that I passed my FAA rotorcraft private written with a 97%, thanks to your software. Now, I am getting ready for the private checkride, and will be cruising right through to commercial and CFI with instrument rating.
Private Pilot Helicopter

Great Score on the Private Written!

Just giving you some feedback... Using your software I passed my test with 95%!. At first I was quite disappointed with myself. I knew going in my track record for testing in that I tend to overthink questions and second guess myself. I did my best to avoid this and in the end it paid off well as the reason I missed the few questions was specifically because I didn't second guess them and chose the first answer. They were of course trick question I hadn't seen before and probably shouldn't have rushed such easy questions. At any rate everyone I've spoken with thought I did very well and I'm happy! I owe my success to your software! I also found it extremely useful to see my progress by submitting my tests to the online section tracking section of Dauntless. I am now mere practice hours from checkride! Thanks again!
Canon, GA

Private Pilot Rotorcraft - Great Score!

I wanted to let you know that thanks to Dauntless (which my CFI and others recommended) I passed my Rotorcraft Private Written on Friday... with a 97%. Now on to the check ride!!
Private Pilot Rotorcraft

Great Score on the Private Glider Test!

Recently passed the FAA knowlege test for PPLG with 98% and found your software extremely easy and good to use.
Auburn, NH

Score of 97 on the IFR written!

Found the Dauntless Ground School software invaluable in studying for the IFR rating. Wrote a 97 on the test.
Mitchellville MD
A 97 is an EXCELLENT score on the tough IFR written test! We're glad we could help you out and good luck on that checkride!

Aced the Flight Instructor Airplane exam!

This software was absolutely essential to me getting a great score on the CAX, IRA, and FIA exams. I simply could not have done without it.
London, UK

Our users are much too kind... Thank you!

This is by far the best package I've used for studying for the FAA tests, and your prices are unbeatable. I'll definitely be recommending it to others.
Somerville, MA

100% on the Private Written!

My passing score was 100% and I don't think I could have done it without this software.... Your software really honed what I needed to know without a lot of fluff. It let me know what topics needed I needed to study more. Here's how I studied:
  1. Took all 800+ test questions with immediate feedback whether I got it right or wrong so I'd know the principle.
  2. Took a number of 60-item pretests. Saved the results online in case I wanted a CFI to sign off for the test.
  3. Took a pretest for each topic in order, consisting of all the items for that topic.
  4. Decided to have your CFI sign off, so I took five practice tests and paid my $$.
  5. Once I got my sign-off, I took a pretest for each topic again as preparation for the exam.
  6. Scheduled and took the real exam through CATS as soon as I finished the topical tests.
My actual exam was all recall and some minimal calculations. I didn't have to use either side of my E6B - only a couple of calculator questions and some map problems with no wind or variation corrections.

Now I'm looking for a flight instructor!

Elmhurst, IL

Ground Instructor Success!

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Dauntless in assisting me in passing my Ground Instructor Basic, FAA knowledge test, last Friday. You have a very good system for helping one to retain information, by the unique method of question exercise. I will be introducing my students to Dauntless!
FAA Ground Instructor

97% on the Private Pilot written!

Just wanted to let you know I took my PAR written this morning as passed with a 97% ... Your material was invaluable to me. I'll see you again for my instrument testing!
O'Fallon, IL

97% on the Private Pilot Test!

I got a 98%! The only question I missed had to do with right of way between an airship, airplane, and airplane towing a glider! Excellent test prep program. Nothing helps you prepare for a standardized test better than doing practice questions. The dauntless questions were very similar to the written exam format and content. I could mentally picture some of the dauntless picture explanations as I went through the exam - very helpful.
GroundSchool iOS User

Another FAA IFR test success story!

I just wanted to let you know I passed my IFR knowledge exam last week. I found your preparation software most helpful.vvI think your softare is great. I found it most compatible for the way that I learn.
Dr. MB
GroundSchool Private Pilot and IFR user
Punta Gorda, FL
Great work, sir! We're glad we could help you along the way.

95% on PAR Exam!

I received a score of 95% ON MY PAR exam. Thank you Dauntless!
Hopewell Junction, NY

Recreational Pilot Success ... at age 69!

I just got home after taking my Recreational Pilot Airplane (RPA) exam. I scored a 94 which, at the age of 69, was a big boost to my confidence. Your progarm helped immensely. I was able to study several hours a day for about three weeks and your program actually made the effort fun. Now, on to my check ride!!!
Agusta, GA

GroundSchool just works!

I have used this software to prepare for my instrument, commercial, and flight instructor tests. I got a 96%, 99%, and a 95%. I would absolutely recommend it for anyone studying for any of the written tests.
Belmont, MA
Wow - those are some absolutely superb scores. We're glad we could play a small role in your success.

Private Pilot Success!

I aced my [Private Pilot Airplane] test using your software! Thanks!
Shoreview, MN

100% on the AMG test!

I knew I would do well having studied with both the audio and PC material, but I was pleaseantly surprised to get 100% on the [General Test]. I'm very happy with your study materials.
Chandler, AZ

Private Passed, on to the Instrument!

This was a great tool and I plan on continued use for ongoing study. Looking forward to instrument!
Mount Laurel, NJ

Private Pilot Glider!

I passed my PGL with 98% score after using GroundSchool.
San Ramon, CA
A short but sweet note from RS in sunny California who let us know about the great score he got after studying with our software. Excellent work, sir!

Great Score on the A&P General Test!

Scored 95. This app is the best test prep I've every used, and it minimiizes time to prepare for the actual test. Updates are a great feature. Keep up the good work!
GroundSchool iOS User

An FAA pilot from Chile

I think it’s a remarkable product and very helpful!
Santiago, Chile
Some kind words from South America about our GroundSchool series of FAA test prep. Thank you sir!

GroundSchool FAA Test Prep for Android!!

Only had 3 days to study and little spare time. So I always have my phone with me and was able to study every free second and the explanations are great for cutting time off the study session. Thanks!
You can now study wherever you are with our test prep apps for Android and iPhone. Click on the GroundSchool link for more information.

Another 99% on the FAA Commercial Pilot written!

Love your product! Just took the written for commercial airplane and when I started studying hardly got a question right. Got a 99 on the test last week, and the only question I missed was a stupid mistake; I knew better, but screwed up. Many thanks for your superior great work. You all should be very proud.
Gold Bar, WA

Great Score on the Private Written!

I scored a 98% on my Private Pilot written test after using the GroundSchool study program. The question stack feature is awesome and really helped me concentrate on only those items where I needed additional study. I am looking forward to using the software as I study for my instrument rating.
Redwood City, CA

Private Pilot Success

This test prep program has contributed greatly to my [very high score] on the FAA AKT PAR. I was skeptical at first of how accurate the questions on the program will resemble those on the real test but it turned out to be extremely accurate. Most if not all of the questions on the test I have seen at least once studying on the program. The practice tests from Dauntless accurately represented how much of what type of questions were on the real test. The interface was easy to use and navigate. Answer explanations and diagrams were insightful but not complex and I am glad to have made this investment, it was well worth it.
Elk Grove, CA

A kind word of thanks from one of our users

Just wanted to write and say thanks to the staff for a great, and I mean great, Safelog logbook program. You are the best. I know. Believe me. Have tried quite a few. Keep up the good work and I will remain a loyal and supportive customer. I recommend your site to all my fellow pilots!
Lear 45 Pilot
Teterboro, NJ

Many thanks for your good words, sir! On our side, we pledge to keep working to make Safelog, as all our products, the best out there.

Aircraft and Rotorcraft Success!

David H wrote us with a short but sweet message:

Studied using your software for one week - Scored a 98 - 27 Minutes Test Time. Unbelevable Value! I Cannot Say Enough!
Great work, sir!

Private Pilot Success!

After using other study guides and books, and finding myself lost in a sea of information, I used the Dauntless software because it made what was at first a very intimidating knowledge bank of questions a palatable plate of knowledge, offering clear, easy, and understandable explanations in every question.

I am confident in saying that without this software, I would still be putting off my test. Thank you, Dauntless for helping me take one more step to accomplish my goal of flying!

Hudson, NC

97% on the Private Pilot Wrtitten!

This program helped me pass my private exam with a 97 score. The explanations of the questions and answers really helped me learn the material and not just memorize the answers. I would recommend this program 10/10 times.
Jasper, AL

The best ever!

This is by far the best test prep software I have ever used!
Tucson, AZ
CFI Candidate

Another great score!

MM from Runaway Bay, TX writes:

My score was 97. This program made taking the knowledge test such a non issue. I felt truly prepared. There were no surprises. I had seen all the questions during the course of using this program. I only wish I had a better memory, then I could have had a perfect score. Thanks for a great product!
Thank you sir and congratulations on your great score!

100% on the FOI!

I took my FOI test at a local CATS testing station yesterday, and having studied for it with your software managed a 100% pass... Thank you!
The Villages, FL

GroundSchool better than a classroom!

Thanks for this great software! After taking an expensive and long classroom course I wasn't confident, but by using your reasonably priced software I quickly became confident. I learned much more from the explanations that you provide for each question than I did from the teacher. With you, my money was well spent. I took the test and got a 97%! I am very happy!

When i decide to take the Instrument and later the Commercial, I'll definitely use Dauntless' GroundSchool again!

Alamogordo, NM

"... I found the software to be most helpful. The fellow at the school freaked when I completed the [test] in just 12 minutes! He thought I flagged him down because there was some kind of problem. He asked if I wanted to reconsider or change any anwers. I told him no. He was even more amazed when he saw a score of 93%. Thanks!"
Dr. MB
Student Pilot, Punta Gorda, FL

Airline of the Future ACES his exams!

A few years ago, I was new to aviation (just learning to spell it) and was faced with an upcoming knowledge test for my private license. I used books, internet websites, youtube, etc. Then i found Dauntless! Flash cards, Q&A, explanations behind each answer, AMAZING! And for the price of a nice dinner with my wife!! I was sold. Passed the test with no problem. Same with the instrument exam. Same with the commercial exam! SEL, MEL, SES, Rotorcraft! All while a pnight/weekend aviator and full-time employed worker. The only downside, my wife missed a few nice dinners out ;-) The upside -FOR THE ONE-TIME PURCHASE OF EACH MODULE I HAVE FOREVER ACCESS! With access on my mobile device, i can study anywhere i have a few minutes of quiet time. Simce the first knowledge exam, DAUNTLESS has been my only study source. Thank you Dauntless! Next stop is the airlines.
GroundSchool User and Soon-to-be Airline Pilot

RD Aced the Private Pilot Knowledge Test!

Fantastic tool to pass the test quickly. Best part of the actual test- no surprises...not one. Well done.
Salt Lake City, UT

Happy she passed her Private Pilot written!

I used your program to help prepare me for the Private Glider written exam. Thanks to this software I passed my test with and 88! I was not surprised at all by the questions asked and most of them I had been seeing directly from the software itself! Awesome program! Thanks Dauntless team!
Tomball, TX

100% on the Flight Instructor - Helicopter written!

I took the flight instructor instrument helicopter (FIH)knowledge test and scored 100.
Lakewood, NJ

95% on the Private Pilot written!

95% Your software was worth every penny. Every question on the test was covered by your software, there were no surprises.
Fair Oaks, CA

Great Work on the Instrument Instructor Tests!

I got a [great score] on both FII and IGI. I only studied two days. Great job Dauntless!

Instrument Rating success!

I studied hard [and] the dauntless question bank was very helpful. Not only for being familiar with questions and format, but I also found it to be a very useful study guide. It's kind of funny, You can review the questions you missed after the teat (no correct answers given however)I marked 5 questions I was not sure of, and after reviewing the questions missed, none of the questions I missed were the one's I was not sure of. This told me that I needed to take a little more time reading the questions more thoroughly ..FYI

Bottom line... If study, and take the time to review all categories of the Dauntless questions, you can approach IFR written with confidence!

Clemson, SC

We are a community!

It worked perfectly. Your software, support, and website are the best I've ever used. I was so pleased to have such a quick and efficient response. You're the best! THANK YOU!
West Chester, PA
Wow! We do our best to help our users, but that praise might be a bit over the top. Still, thank you, SP for the kind words and all of our users for their continued support. We're working hard through the summer to bring you new products and spread our passion for aviation with you.

Helicopter Checkride Prep Satisfaction

I have spent the last few days with the helicopter program and can already say it is excellent. I am very excited to say the least.
Barnes, MA

Excellent scores on two tough helicopter writtens!

I used your software to prepare for this test and the IRH test and took them both on the same day. There were absolutely no surprises! Scored 98 and 100. Thanks!
Downingtown, PA

Praise for Safelog from Spain!

I again congratulate you for an outstanding product. Worth every penny.
Valencia, Spain

Private Pilot at age 69+!

Hey Guys

I just wanted you to know that I finally completed my Private Pilot License. At age 69years 9 months I have checked an item off my bucket list that has been there for 55 years or so.

I'm probably not the oldest person to use your system but certainly one of the most appreciative.

Best Regards And Thank you.

See you in the air!

Carlisle PA

Awesome work on the difficult FIA written!

I found the explanations in this test prep program to be particularly useful, clear, and helpful. This program's feature of using stacks to separate the questions I know from the questions that needed more review is a great way to maximize study efficiency. I've tried several prep programs and this one really does have the largest selection of FAA questions. I had far fewer surprise questions on my actual test using this program than after using other programs.
San Diego, CA

More good news!

Hello! Just wanted to to let you know that I just passed my FAA ATP written having used your software.

In the last two years I have also used it to pass my FAA Commercial and Instrument.

I passed all three tests at the first attempt and genuinely think that your software represents unbeatable value for money.

Thanks again!

Fort Collins, CO

"You Guys Are Great!"

Just wanted to let you guys know that I think your products AND customer service are the best I've seen in a long time. Not only does your software prepare students to take their written exams quickly, efficiently, and without too much stress, your customer service accomplishes the same results on their side as well. I passed all of my CFI writtens the first time and even scored a 100% on one of them. Now, as a flight instructor, I recommend all my students to your products as well.
Bakersfield, CA
FAA and USAF Flight Instructor

5 times faster than our competitors!

Hi there, I loved your software to study, thank you! I made the mistake of going through the *** book first which took five times longer than what I could have done with your software. In particular the MP3 which allowed me to take the studying to long runs and cycle rides. Well done!
iOS User

GroundSchool FAA Test Prep comes out on top

This is a great software. I have seen other programs such as Gleim, this is way better. I like it how I can focus on certain topics (I liked the 'star' feature) I was having hard time with certain questions, so i marked them and was able to focus on those questions. Great Job and keep up the good work. I took the test today and received a very high score. I used this software for Private and Instrument and i love it.
Private Pilot, IFR

A new CFI from Hawaii!

I was very pleased with the software. Also no complaint here on the score either. 91% and I only crammed for 2 days. I would have been happy if it was 80%! ... Great software and I do recommend it to my students.
Kailua, HI

Aviation Maintenance Technician 3 Aces!

I aced the 3 FAA A&P exams last month, thanks to your software!
Leistershire, UI

A new ATP in Tennessee

"Just a note to say thanks for the reasonably priced test prep!

My written went well, though not 100%, but the prep went well enough to feel confident going into the knowledge test. The work you put into the program was excellent.

After I passed the written, I felt that I should work on expanding my knowledge beyond the questions and distractors, so I purchased the [royal ripoff company] program as well. There was nothing in the [royal ripoff company] course that justified the additional expense.

I went to South Carolina for my checkride, and it went very well. ATP certificate is now in my pocket!

Thanks again for your product!"

new ATP, Winchester, TN
Way to go sir, and good luck in your journey in aviation!

Two Aces!

DA of Warren, PA wrote:

Good news! I just took my CFI airplane knowledge test (FIA) and got 100%. The lady administering the test said she has never had anyone in all her years ace that test. Bonus! Just after I finished that test, I took the Ground Instructor Advanced test (GIA) and aced it too! I have never aced any FAA tests in my life and with the help of your software I aced two in one day!
We're very glad to have helped play a role in your success, sir! On to the checkride!

"The best product on the market today!"

... I took the private pilot, helicopter written test, scored a 95% and passed the checkride in January! I want to keep the ground school program to continue to master it. I would have scored a 100% if I had read the questions more slowly and accurately. This program is truly the best product on the market today!
Mooresville, IN

99% on the Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Test!

I just took my CRH test and got 99 thanks to your excellent software!
Cambridge, MA
Commercial Pilot, Rotorcraft-Helicopter

Private Pilot Helicopter Great Score!

Thank you for creating this software and for your help and support enabling me to pass my FAA PRH "written" exam. I just wanted you to know that I passed with a 93%.
Grimes, IA

99% on the Commercial Pilot Written Test!

I took my commercial pilot airplane written today and got a 99%! It took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes to finish 100 questions. I always re-read each question and double check my answers so I am a bit slow. I studied with the app for about two weeks every day before taking my test. The software was awesome, I liked being able to flag questions I wanted to come back to. The explanations were great ... Overall, 5 stars and I would definitely recommend this software to anyone preparing for their test.
iOS User

97 on the Private Pilot Written!

"I just wanted to relay my test results for the PAR I took just over a couple of weeks ago. I scored a 97! The software is great.... When I was taking the test, I felt just like I did the dozens of times I took a practice PAR with your software. Outstanding product and value! Thanks again!"
Hobbs, NM
Thank you sir for starting of our week on such a pleasant note and congratulations on your excellent score! This gentleman also indicated to us that he will continue to use our test prep materials for his further certificate and rating tests. One thing that we sometimes don't emphasize enough here is that we CONTINUOUSLY update our FAA written and checkride oral exam prep materials - there have been over 35 separate updates, based on FAA changes and user feedback, since the start of the year alone - so, whenever this hardworking gentleman is ready for the next challenge, we'll be there for him just as we can be there for you. Happy flying, all.

Doing it right! IFR success!

Thanks to your Dauntless test IFR written and Oral test prep programs, a lot of practice, and a great CFII, I passed my instrument written in Feb 2010 and my IFR check ride in in May. I have recommended your web site to several local pilots and my CFI.
Sierra Vista, AZ

10-star apps!

I'd give [your GroundSchool apps] 10 stars if Apple allowed it!!! Thanks as always for creating the best in class products!
Hohenwald, TN

Big fan of our test prep and checkride prep!

I want to say that I love your products. I first purchased Private Test Prep through the Google Play Store and it helped me out tremendously.
Saratoga Springs, UT

Customer Service Kudos

Anyways, thanks for your patience, hard work, and continuous replies. I have been supremely impressed with your customer service. The only thing better would have been to have you sitting right here at my computer with me. Thanks!
Honolulu, HI
Ah our brave helpdesk staff - trying their best day in and day out to help those who need it and mostly dealing with understanding and reasonable people but also occasionally working hard to solve people's problems (often not our doing) and not getting so much as a "thank you" in return (oh, the stories we could tell). It was sure nice to hear from DM here from sunny Honolulu who, after patiently working with us to help him solve a particularly odd technical problem he was having wrote us to say:

Thanks, sir! Such sentiments are much appreciated and, while we're always glad to help any user, it's always mutually much nicer when we are able to start our weekends thanks to such kind words. Mahalo!

You not only memorize - you understand!

This app. is great! You not only memorize ... you understand.
Instrument Rating - Airplane

Another happy Safelog user..

M.S., a DO328 captain and examiner pilot flying in the Alps of Austria and elsewhere wrote us today with this kind note:

I am using your logbook software for 2 years now. It is absolutely perfect. Thank You!
Thank you, sir, for being a Safelog user. We continue our commitment to making the best pilot logbook software out there, period.

Some nice feedback

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my IFR written today with a 98! I studied for about two weeks using your [GroundSchool] software. I sure wish I had known about this when I was doing my private!
Phoenix, AZ
A 98 is a GREAT score on the IFR written test. Congratulations and good luck on the checkride!

16 years old and ahead of the curve...

I absolutely love the software! I'm just 16 years old and trying to get all the writtens out of the way while I have time to do so. The software really helped me on my test, and I have recommended it to many other pilots.
Blairsville, GA

An Aussie sees the light...

As an Australian moving to the US, to convert my license I am required to sit the COM/INST/ATP and FOI/FIA/FII tests. I studied with the school's provided text for the COM and INST and while I passed wasn't happy with the time it took. After using your software for the ATP test I passed with a 96%! I think this software is invaluable for those wishing to pass the exams in an efficient expeditious manner, and still learn the core material. I will definitely be purchasing the Flight Instructor set and Instrument set (too bad my school didn't recommend your software from the beginning). Thank You!
JH was Australia, now Colorado

Sage words for the IFR written ...

Passed written test with flying colors, a 93%. Overall a very useful and positive product. Be sure you know your material well and do not just memorize the answers because some questions on actual test were cleverly re-worded, used different figures, and contained correct answers used in other actual test questions to confuse the memorization type studyers. Very pleased with layout and question "stacks". Will purchase again for future ratings.
IFR Pilot

You're never too old... :

I purchased your software a couple of months ago. I'm 66yrs old and a student pilot. I took my knowledge test yesterday and passed with a score of 98%. I always chose "all questions" and "hardest level" when doing a simulated test.

Thank You for a great product!

Bakersfield, CA

Fundamentals of Instruction Success

The software did an excellent job from start to finish. It walked me through the material in a logical manner, became progressively more challenging, and allowed me to master the EXACT FAA questions. In addition, simulating the Laser Grade testing format was perfect training for the real thing! FOI score = 100% Thanks guys!
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Congratulations, sir and thank you for the kind words!

Aced (100%) on the Private Pilot Written!

I used this application to study for my private pilot knowledge exam from about two weeks prior leading up to the exam. While I am a very diligent student; this app deserves a lot of credit, I ended up scoring 100%!
GroundSchool Private Pilot User

High Praise from an Airline Pilot

I'm a full time airline pilot and part-time software developer. ... I came across Safelog by chance and gave it a try. I just finished my first trip using it, and I must say that I am incredibly impressed. Safelog is extremely powerful and the web-based portal is excellent.
Arley, AL

Passed the Commercial Pilot Written!

The software was great. I felt ready for the test when I got my sign-off. ... I started studing for my CFI written with Dauntless.
Moodus, CT

98% on the IFR written!

Just wanted to let you all know that I scored 98 percent on my instrument rating helicopter knowledge test thanks to your software. The only question I got wrong was actually a very easy question regarding logging actual instrument time. It was my fault for not really focusing on that question and answers completely.
Lakewood, NJ

98% on the Private Pilot written.. awesome!

I just took my FAA private pilot written examination and was pleased to earn a 98%. Your questions and the answer explanations were concise but thorough. I'm now ordering the check-ride prep. Keep up the good work. I would definitely recommend your product to others.
Greenfield Center, NY

How many pilot certificates do you have?

I wanted to write to you guys and let you know that I am one of 15 people in the United Stats that has: ATP Single & Multi Land & Sea; ATP Helicopter, Commercial Gyro, Glider, LTA Balloon, CFI Airplane Single & Multi; Helicopter; Gyroplane; Glider; Inst Airplane & Helicopter, Ground Instructor Advanced and Instrument. Or, in short, more or less every rating the FAA offers except Airship. I have taken 14 written exams, and passed all on the first attempt.

I used your software to prepare for every one of them. I also used your Safelog software to produce ALL 23 8710 forms, for my 23 checkrides. Thank you!

Oxford, AL
Now THAT is absolutely amazing, and you have some of us here (especially Anthony, our resident DPE and fellow certificate-collector) more than a bit jealous. Amazing work, sir!

What does Aviation Consumer say about Safelog?

Safelog is the walk-away winner for a full-featured, digital pilot’s logbook. We could use virtually all the features intuitively. The data is easy to import and export. The logbook is vastly customizable to show any kind of data you want, but it’s set up well with defaults that will work for most users. There are handy quick-entry items to make the logbook chore easier. It is also the most international with separate versions for FAA, JAA, CAA, Canadian and Australian users.
independent review
AviationConsumer.com, the world's leading source for unbiased and independent aviation product reviews and so we were very pleased by their comments after a head to head test between Safelog and our major competitors

If you haven't tried Safelog yet, what are you waiting for?

Aces the Private Pilot written!

I wish to thank you for the excellent app. I used it to prepare for the FAA written test, which I aced. Thank you!
GroundSchool Android App User

Excellent score from Maine!

Thanks to Dauntless software I scored a 97 on my FAA written test and obviously was extremely pleased. I am no doubt one of your older student users ( 70 ) and it was your system methodology and the outstanding explanations for all of the questions that made by results possible. I did take a formal 32 hour ground school course but it your testing practice that brought everything together. I have now purchased your [RideReady] checkride program and will be ready when that day eventually comes.

Thanks again for a super experience!

Harrison, ME

Amazing Score!

Questions were on par with the exam and the explainations were solid with content and thoroughness, was well worth the program and will be using it in the future for other tests, put in the time and focus on your studies and this application will help you massively get across that finish line. Again thank you so much!
North Jersey

GroundSchool comes through again!

CG, of Chambliss, GA, wrote the following to express his thanks as to how our software came through for him for his short-deadline study needs where our competitors were found wanting...

The "Other-Guys" could not help me with taking the Helicopter Add-On exam...Disappointing. I found your product thru an Internet Search and purchased your ATP Program.

Additionally, I did not have much spare time to study for the exam and needed something intensive and focused. I must confess to using the dippy-bird method. I studied for approximately 10 hours over (2) mornings and took the exam the afternoon of the 2nd day of study. Though not earth shattering, I scored a respectable 86%. Frankly, I did not even study for and merely chose "C" for the time/distance and TAS problems....

Excellent product and great price!

While we generally recommend that people take longer than two days to study for their test and really take the time to learn the material (GroundSchool features full explanations, after all), it's also reassuring to know that if you're in a position like CG here with a tight deadline, our software will see you through.

Slaughtered the Private written test!

Your product is great! It helped me slaughter my PPL written exam , mainly because it provided descriptive answers and provided me with feedback in areas I was good at and areas I needed to work on.

Instrument Rating (Canada conversion to FAA) test success!

Your software is awesome! I did my ICP exam today... I could not have done it without your software - I am so thankful that I will probably buy another module. I started using the software just simulating exams - not good enough for me. I then decided to just do all the 738 questions. The ones you get wrong go back to the pool, so at the end I answered 959 questions. I spent between 80 to 100 hours preparing. I learnt a lot, and I truly enjoyed the experience.

I wrote the exam in Toronto Ontario Canada - not far from Niagara Falls for the people not familiar with the area.

Thanks again! I am so glad I purchased your software

Ontario, Canada

A new AGI - Advance Ground Instructor is born!

96%! ... a great study aid as you can see from the score.
Albuquerque, NM

Awesome score on the Private Pilot written!

This program is the best thing i found and i recommended it to my instructor to share with all his students. I was able to take the exam once and score a 98%. There was nothing on the exam that i didn't learn from this program. The one question i got wrong was my own fault because i didn't read all the answers and picked the first one that made sense. ( i know better ). It has been about a month and a half sense my exam and i still use this program every weekend to keep things fresh while i continue my flying lessons.

Thank You Dauntless!

Andy M.
Private Pilot Student

Aviation Brings Father and Son together!

My 17 year old son is using your flight software to help with his R22 flight lessons he is taking at Midwest Helicopter. They recomended using your software by the way and it is great! ... Thanks again for a great product and help you can give on this issue. Thanks again, A parent trying help his son go Army and fly out of high school.
Columbia, MO

More Success with GroundSchool

DDD, Student Pilot, wrote us with this good news:

I just took my FAA Written Test and wrote a 97%. Thank you for the real and exact Preparation I received from the software I purchased. It was spot on!!
While DC, future CFI wrote us today:
I just wanted to let you know that your Ground School program is wonderful. I took the FIA test today and passed with flying colors! Thank you so much. This is a great program.
Great job, sirs! And thank you for the kind words. Just a reminder to all: even though we don't necessarily write about it on this homepage, we are constatly updating our software. Our FAA written test preparation data had over 300 updates in April and early May alone. With GroundSchool, you get a better, faster, and more up to date FAA written test prepration tool than any book or other product.

95% on the IFR written!

I just took my instrument written test and got a 95%. Thank you for such a wonderful app. I went through the question bank and read all the examples and I believe that is the main reason I did so well. I loved it and will be recommending it to anyone who asks. Thanks again.
GroundSchool IFR iOS User

IFR success!

The Ground School study guide is exceptionally easy to use and well organized. The explanations for each question provided exactly the right amount of support information that I needed to thoroughly understand the material vs rote memorization. The optional stacking feature helped me to make good use of my time, keeping me focused on the areas that needed the most attention.

I studied by taking 50 question drills one or twice a week while working on air work and then doing a final 1000 question drill.

After doing that, taking the actual exam "for real" was quite easy, scoring 100.


Chicago, IL
KW Chicago,IL

Moving up the aviation ladder with Dauntless!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Dauntless Aviation and its products. I've used them to successfully complete both my private and instrument ratings, and will be using them as I move on to commercial and CFI ratings as well.
Hudson, NC

IFR exam high pass!

This app was very helpful in my studying. Most of my test had questions from this app so I felt really confident once I started the test. There were a few surprise questions as expected but I was able to piece what I learned through this app as well as GroundSchool to score a 93% on my exam.
FAA IFR Student Pilot

FOI Great Score!

Scored a 96 on the actual FOI exam this morning. The question bank in the Dauntless software is excellent. I didn't see a question on the actual test that I had not seen before in the simulated exam. The Dauntless product is an excellent product, easy to use, and provides several methods of studying to prepare you for the exam.
Vernon, IA

Sport Pilot Success!

Took the Sport Pilot ground school test today. The proctor told me I had two hours; I was out in 20 minutes with a high score. This software made all the difference. Question up, answer ready, answer click. Question up, answer ready, answer click. Question up answer ready, answer click. Easy as eating pie!
"Boston Sport Pilot in Training"
Boston, MA

Yet another great score on the FAA private pilot written!

I did fantastic on my written - I think it was only one question wrong. And I used this software almost exclusively to study and prepare.
Anonymous iOS User

A new helicopter CFI in the making...

Just took the exam and got a 98! [GroundSchool] made the test a breeze.
Magnolia, TX
Great work, JC! We're glad we could help with your superb score on the tough flight instructor helicopter knowledge test.

One of many happy GroundSchool users..

I got a 98%!!! I couldn't be happier. Thanks Dauntless!This software really made studying easy.
LS Bergenfield, NJ
Instrument Rating Airplane

97% on the Private Pilot Glider test!

97% The app was hugely useful!
GroundSchool Private Pilot User
(anonymous feedback)

97 on the Instrument Rating written!

JG of Clinton, TN wrote us recently with this excellent news:

Using GroundSchool, I was scoring in the 90-95 range on practice tets. On my actual actual exam, I got a 97%!
Wow - excellent! The Instrument Rating written test is one of the toughest out there, and learning the material well enough that you get a good score certainly can only be a good thing as far as your flight training goes. We're glad we could play a role in your success!

IFR Success!

... Your software is fantastic. I recommend to everyone. I have bought both ground and oral portions for both private and IFR. It really helps learn the information (not simply to pass test). The annotations really helps understanding. Ability to track question get wrong is great feature. I just can't say enough good things about program, well worth the price.
GroundSchool IFR User

Doctor Reports 97%!

I received 97% and it was the first time I took the test.

There is no question the Dauntless Software was the reason for my being so well prepared. Not only was it pivotal in receiving a good grade, but it is an excellent learning tool. I STILL take the tests and read the explanations daily to remain knowledgeable and sharp for my up coming check ride.

If you want to become the best pilot you can be you should start with Dauntless Software. Worth every penny. My thanks to its creators and participating pilots and experts.

I will continue to use Dauntless products as I advance through my aviation education and ratings.

Dr. AF
Woodmere, NY

Big and kind thank you from Ohio!

Just wanted you to thank you for the wonderful app that you and your team have created. It is truly the best! Wishing you tons of app. purchases!
Gahanna, OH

Flight Schools trust GroundSchool!

I run a flight school here in KAVQ Marana Regional Airport and use your software to help people prepare for the written and oral. It's way superior to everything else out there. And this from the last 11yrs of almost daily instruction. I've used them all. My students always get consistently higher scores. They go in with confidence, start and finish while others are struggling. No comparison. Thanks again!!
Tucson, AZ

93% on the Private Pilot Helicopter test!

Scored a 93% on the Written PPL Rotorcraft Helicopter Exam. Felt very comfortable walking into the exam room. So glad I bought the Instrument, Commercial, and CFI/I software in the bundle with the PPL. Would not feel comfortable taking another test without this software! Very reasonable pricing and completely worth it. If you are on the edge of a buy/don't buy decision, just do it. You wont regret it.
St. Punta Gorda, FL

Perfect Score on the Private Pilot Written!

I just passed the Private Pilot-Airplane test with a perfect score! I consumed a lot of content from various sources but your app was my primary study tool. The detailed explanations were key to understanding the nuances of the questions and for gaining a deeper knowledge of the material. Thanks!
GroundSchool iOS User

97% on the Private Written!

Got a 97% - finished the test the first time in under 10 minutes, went through to double check the test a second time, still out of there in under 20 minutes.

This is a must have for written test preparation - At the start of the test, I was quickly put at ease when the first few questions that came up on the exam were very recognizable.

Great job - and great idea with the question shuffling - 1 week with this product and I feel like a pro.

Thank you - recommended to my friends and holding onto this for when it is time for my commercial.

Franklin, OH

Great score on the Commercial Pilot written test!

Got a 97% on the CAX Commerical Pilot Airplane Test. [Your] very useful piece of software that was key in my achieving that score.
San Fransisco, CA

Military Pilot working on ATP

A military pilot for over 30 years, we are trained to review and update knowledge through question banks. [Your] app allows not only a complete review of entire bank, but also tailored study areas. The practice test is able to drill down and give solid feedback on areas needing more review. Using iPad and iPhone allows study almost anywhere.
HH-60G, Combat Rescue Pilot

Safelog in the field

LM, a Senior First Officer with Continental, wrote us today:

I've been a Safelog user for five years now and have often recommended your product to my fellow pilots. However, I am a bit embarassed to say that I have never really used the features to their full potential. Today, I played around with the Block and Duty Time features of Safelog and was BLOWN AWAY by the depth of features that apply to me as an airline pilot. Safelog's features there are far and away ahead of any other product that I have seen my colleagues use. So, thanks again, guys, and keep up the great work!
A heartfelt thank you, sir to you and the thousands of pilots around the world who trust Safelog.

A new commercial pilot!

I thought you might like to know you helped another customer become a commercial pilot. I passed my commercial check ride in January.
Houston, TX

Older student learns great with GroundSchool!

I will say your program has really helped me out, I have not had to study and test since college which was 34 years ago. Your program has retaught me how to learn and test again.
IFR Student
Muncie, IN

ATP written test and checkride success!

You have a wonderful product (used it for my ATP) and I'm looking forward to using it again.
Ham Lake, MN

High Praise from Oshkosh

WAMMO!!! Thank you very much for all the help. Everything worked perfectly, and I'm all set with the new version (which so far seem awesome by the way). Once again you folks are top shelf!! Cheers!
Oshkosh, WI

96% on the FOI!

I passed with 96% in less than 20 minutes for 50 questions - and a lot of this was due to the drilling I was able to do with your software. It really helps to get inside the mindset of the folks making up the answers. Bravo!!
New Caanan, CT

Congratulations to a new CFI

Newly-minted CFI JP from Lake Gloversville, NY let us know how he did on the relatively tough Flight Instructor Airplane written test:

Got a 98 on the test. This a tremendous tool for anyone preparing for an FAA Knowledge Test. I will recommend it to all my students.
Great work, JP, and thanks!

Another Perfect Score!

BB of Brooklyn, CT wrote us today with his excellent news on his Aviation Mechanic - Powerplant FAA knowledge test:

I earned a perfect 100 out of 100 on my FAA Powerplant written exam. I could not have done it without the Dauntless GroundSchool test prep software!
Congratulations, BB for you awesome work! We're glad we could play a role in your success.

AGI success!

Just took the Airplane Advanced Ground Instructor Test. Your software made all of the difference once again.
Whitefish Bay, WI

New to aviation - but a great score on the drone test!

I had zero aviation experience, but wanted to get my drone license. A friend (private pilot student) recommended the Dauntless line. Got the drone school app on a Wednesday, took the test the following Monday. Only took me half an hour, scored 88%!
Drone (UAS) Pilot

A longtime Safelog users speaks...

Thanks for a great product! I've been a Safelog (FAA) user since (almost) the very beginning, and it's nice to see that the software keeps getting better.
Falls Church, VA

Kind words from a longtime user

I would like to congratulate you on producing the finest pilot testing and logbook programs and apps in the industry. I have been using your products almost as long as I’ve been a pilot.
Enterprise, AL

CFI Studies Going Well!

Thank you for your wonderful program it will be a tremendous help for me.
Rutledge, TN

99% on the FAA Commercial Pilot written!

I would just let you know that the commercial airplane written test I did today had almost the same question of your database, no new questions, in fact I scored 99%. Keep up the good work!
Olbia, Italy

97% on the comm written!

I have purchased several products and just got a 97% on my Commercial Airplane Knowledge test. You can believe that I have been telling my friends that your material covered all the new questions on the test. I will be back for more.
New Hampton, NH

Kudos from the Civil Air Patrol!

Excellent product and pilot support.
LtCol JA
Civil Air Patrol
We at Dauntless enthusiastically support the efforts of the Civil Air Patrol in furthering aviation safety and education, especially among younger pilots and future pilots. We thank the Lt Colonel for his kind words! To learn more about the Civil Air Patrol, visit gocivilairpatrol.com.

Trusted by a Flight School in Austin

I actually shared the word about your product with the rest of my flight school class. We have been using the test prep product in class to assist us with our private pilot training. It has been wonderful, intuitive, and very easy to use.
Austin, TX

Great score from Stockton!

after 3 successful 90%+ practice test I took the actual test and passed with 90%. Checkride.com works.
Stockton, CA

Flight Instructor Great Scores!

Just took the FIA and AGI this last weekend and did great on them both in minimal time again. Excellent software!
Brandon F

Nice words from Florida..

Great product! I already have all my ratings (CFII, MEI & ATP) and simply using your GroundSchool products to stay current on my knowledge. I like how you combine the question with the reference for the knowledge, along with sound and different methods of questioning from the learning to the testing mode. Most importantly, this is done at an affordable price. Easily stated, well done!
Fort Myers, FL

Private Pilot Helicopter Success!

I have recently taken my FAA written test for Private Pilot Helicopter (Rotorcraft) and by using both your online course and the downloaded to CD oral course mananged to pass my test with a [great score!] ... Thanks for being all that you said you were!
Orchard, WA

96% on the Commercial Pilot Airplane Exam!


Really mad at myself too, because for three of the four questions I missed - I should have known the answer!!! I saw each of the questions multiple times in my prep - I just had a brain spasm.

I missed one performance chart problem, and still don't really know why. Part of the issue is that I really didn't get a chance to memorize which question it was, so I don't really know how to recreate what incorrect answer I came up with.

The other three (one on mixture being volume of air vs. volume of fuel in the CYLINDER vs. the Carb, one on a picky definition of ADM and one on measuring a course against the longitudinal merridian at the midpoint of the course) should have been within my grasp, but I just rushed (finished in less than an hour).

I took the exam about 8 days after buying the software. I primarily used the software to generate one practice exam after the other and took maybe 12 or so practice exams.

Great product! Now I'm going to look into your checkride prep.

Glenmoore, PA

A&P Success - In the classroom and beyond!

By using your test-prep software and audio files I am currently carrying a 4.0 average in my A&P school!
Arkansas Northeast College
Aviation Maintenance

Passed 5 tests, or was it 7?

Good news! i took advantage of your lifetime update, fired up an old dusty laptop and got ready for passing both the CFII and IGI "writtens" yesterday. The questions were all still current ... and there were no surprises. Your software still works in the "new" FAA "secret-question" environment, i'm happy with scores of 92% and 84%.

Thanks again for an excellent system, for keeping it up-to-date, for the lifetime update feature, and for saving me all kinds of $$$ with efficient and effective test prep!

More good news... i recommended your products enthusiastically before becoming a CFI. The enthusiasm isn't curbed, but the credibility is probably a little higher now that I've passed at least 5 "written" tests and 3 practical tests with your products ("at least 5" because i can't remember if i passed private or instrument with your stuff...it might be as high as 7 "written").


IFR Knowledge Test Success!

I took my actual test today for Instrument Rating Helicopter (IRH) at a CATS testing Center. I scored very highly! I used the CATS mode in the last few practice tests and found it to be just like the actual test today other than your computer figures were much clearer. I had to use the printed book today for the fiqures.

Your software prepared me for the actual knowledge and so it was easy to complete the test. There were several airplane questions on FAR's in the actual test which are different for helicopter but that is a FAA problem not yours.

Your software is great!

Sacramento, CA
Wow, congratulations on a tough test, JH! IFR is a challenge, but it looks like you're rising to the occasion. Glad we could help.

GroundSchool leads to test taking confidence!

Here is some customer feedback. I just took the PAR Private Pilot test for the first time and passed with a score of 92%. Your product was great helping me practice the test. Previously, I used [competitor's product] to get an endorsement to take the test, but still didn't feel quite ready. After practicing about 10 times on your site and consistently getting scores over 90%, I was confident I was ready.
Anchorage, AK

Another great score by a future pilot!

Thanks to Dauntless I just got a 92% on my written! Thanks for the help getting me one step closer to fulfilling one of my biggest dreams!
Media, PA

IFR Written Test Prep success!

I got a 92 on my test! The app helped a lot making it easy and convient to study where ever I was whenever I had spare time! ... Loved the app would defiantly recommend it to anyone who wants and easy and convenient way to study! I will be purchasing the apps to study for all of my other ratings and certificates as well!
GroundSchool iOS user

Private Pilot Success!

Took the test ... and scored 95%. This truly is a great and very effective app, I learned a great deal with it. I am now using the Dauntless oral app as I am prepping for my checkride. Thanks so very much, Dauntless!
Private Pilot

Great Score IFR Written + Checkride Passed!

I purchased both the IFR written/oral test prep software.. Great product!! scored a 98 on written...

A&P General - Android App Feedback

This is the perfect app to study for your A&P tests. I used the app to study and passed the first test with a 96!

FOI success!

Thank you for providing such comprehensive and up to date software to prepare me for my FOI written test ... If I would have relied on any other providers' software alone, I would have been unprepared for the test. I did use the [royally-named, royally-expensive competitor's] (outdated) software, and a [amateur-hour] horrible FOI test prep app for the iPad along with Dauntless software in preparing for the test. I credit my success to Dauntless alone. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE FANTASTIC PREPARATION SOFTWARE!
Berkeley, CA

Great Scores - FAA Test prep iOS user

Not a question here, just a report of a satisfied repeat customer. A year ago, I purchased GroundSchool to pass the my private pilot knowledge test (95%!). When I began studying for my commercial rating, one of the first things I did was to purchase the commercial pilot app for GroundSchool.

When I took my private pilot written test, I was rushing to get done because I was trying to meet a deadline to get rated before a summer flying camp. For the commercial rating, there is not the same sense of urgency. I purchased the commercial version of GroundSchool and studied hard for three weeks. Although I was ready to take the test starting in mid-November, I could not get time off work. GroundSchool came in handy because I could do one or two practice tests a week to "stay sharp" until taking the test today.

Once again, I passed with flying colors -- another 95% score, which should impress my DPE when I take the check ride!

I have recommended the apps to several student pilots in my flying club. As I work towards becoming an instructor, I know that GroundSchool CFI is in my future.


100% on the Aviation Mechanic - Airframe test!!

Great software, love the audio ! Helped get 100 on [the] FAA [Aviation Mechanic - Airframe] test.
GroundSchool iOS user

Test Passed!

Just want to let you know I passed my written today. Thanks for the help!
Brazil, IN
Short and sweet feedback, super! This gentleman is doubtlessly well on his way to being a successful Private Pilot. You can pass your FAA knowledge test too with our GroundSchool FAA knowlege test prep software. Also - wedid't know there was a Brazil in Indiana! Congratulations, JS!

97% on the Private Pilot Written!

Just finished my private pilots written exam. My primary study resource was this software ... I'm sad to say I missed 2 questions on the test. I was really hoping for a perfect score for some bragging rights. But a 97% will do. Thanks Dauntless team for a great piece of software.
GroundSchool FAA Written Test iOS App User

Shiner Aviation - a Captain's Endorsement

Dear Folks at Dauntless,

Many thanks for your fine products. I used the FAA Test Prep for the ATP Written as well as the RideReady for my oral. They are fantastic products and I will have no problems recommending you to other pilots who are either converting their JAA ATPL or FAA license holders upgrading to the ATP.

Shiner Aviation
Thank you for the endorsement, Captain! We're glad we could help.

Great results from the US Air Force Academy!

Great Software; All test questions were very helpful on the actual exam! Great explanations helped me learn new concepts while using the software.
US Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

95% Private Pilot!

Been at this for a long time, off and on. Finally, after drilling away at the question banks, I received a score of 95%! Now it's on to the RideReady prep...
Hershey, PA

A "very happy customer" from Down Under!

.. very good, thoroughly researched, and well put together product. Thank you. I hope you don`t mind but I have recommended your product to a pilot supply company in Sydney ...
Slacks Creeen, Australia
¡ɹǝpun uʍop ʎlʇɔǝɹɹoɔ ʇı pɐǝɹ plnoɔ noʎ os sıɥʇ ǝʇoɹʍ ǝʍ ¡ɹıs `spɹoʍ puıʞ ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ `noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ

97% on the Private Glider written test!

Chicago IL

High praise from a faithful user!

I wanted to write you to thank you for creating such a fantastic product and a fair EULA!

The flight school that I am using recommended that I purchase [competitor's product]. After reading that they only allow activation on two computers I found theirs to be an unacceptable solution. I am a computer programmer and am constantly reformatting my PCs due to hardware/software upgrades. I asked [competitor] if they would allow me an exception to the two activations, and they quickly told me NO. I told them I would look elsewhere, as their activation policy is not only unfair, but unpractical. (Unfortunately, people who steal software ruin it for the honest users, and this is how some uneducated companies hastily respond)

I quickly came across your solution while doing a search on the internet. Your product is fairly priced, very well written, provides free upgrades and most importantly allows the "registered owner" the ability to install the product on whatever PCs they choose. Please keep up the great work, and I wish you much success!

PS - I told my flight school about your product suite and showed them the demo application on my notebook. They really liked what they saw and are now going to start sending students your way.

Newfield, NJ

Great iOS Apps!

I want to say thank you for such an amazing software. As a professional flight instructor, I have recommended your software to 5 of my previous students, and each one has passed the FAA written with flying colors. It's by far the most effective way I have found to study, so thanks!

100% - As good as it gets!

Just wanted to say thanks for creating such great products. I scored 100% on my private pilot knowledge exam and passed the orals with ease, mainly because of the time I spent with your ground prep and Ride Ready products.
Homewood, AL
100%? Wow, that's excellent! Congratulations, pilot, for passing the checkride and thank you for the solid endorsement. We're glad we could help.

100% on the Private Pilot (Glider) Written Test!

I just wanted to say thank you for great software. I bought the software a few months ago and just took my PGL written test today. I got a 100%! Your ground school is fantastic!
Higden, AR

IFR and FCC Success!

Since I last wrote to you guys, I used your Five by Five software to train myself to pass the FCC's ham radio test and get a Technician class license. Much more recently, I finished up my Instrument-Airplane rating last week. I bought and used your IFR GroundSchool product as my main method of preparation for the knowledge test, and it worked great. So anyway, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks a million for the awesome products!
Santa Barbara, CA
Rare indeed is the 'Renaissance Man' like BG here who manages both aviation and FCC challenges. We're glad we could help you on your way.. great work!

More Fundamentals of Instruction Success!

I definitely will be using this software in the future and have benefited from it a lot. I like that you can read the explanations follow the right/wrong answers in study section. Even when the answer is correct, you can confirm your understanding and understand why the FAA wants the answer that they do.

100% on FOI!

I am happy to report a score of 100% on my recent FOI exam - the first time I have ever achieved such a score on any FAA exam to date. Thanks!
Dundas, NM

97% on the Private Pilot Written!

I took the FAA Private Pilot written exam today at a CATS center. I got a 97% due in large part to using the study and testing features of the Ground School program, along with having read the material. One important tip for other test takers using the new supplement is to always make you own nautical miles scale using the edge of a piece of paper marked with the chart legend itself, rather than using your plotter (which will be inaccurate). Thus one can avoid many mistakes. Thank you!

IFR and IGI knowledge test pass!

Just wanted to thank you for such an excellent product. The iOS based app made the difference in learning the material in my limited time I had. Just passed both the IR and IGI the same day and with great scores! The practice test put me in the between 90% to 95% and that is exactly where my test result was. Again, thank you!
Pedro D.
GroundSchool iOS user

Private Pilot complete, on to IFR!

I used your GroundSchool and RideReady software prepare for my Private Pilot written test and checkride. I passed with flying colors!! I'm looking forward to getting started on IFR next.
Manning, SC
Congratulations, RW, on passing both! We're glad we could help you along your adventure. IFR promises to be equally challenging, but in the end you're sure to find it rewarding.

FAA Knowledge test success times six!

RR of Greenwell Springs, LA wrote us today with his tale of outstanding results:

Took my 'Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane' test last week and got a 100%! Took my Airplane Instructor test this past Monday and got a 96!

I have taken six tests now using your software and the lowest score I received was a 95%.

The tests were for FOI, CFI, CFII, and ATP Helicopter and now these two recent ones. Not only did [GroundSchool] help with the tests, but it helped for my checkrides as well.

I have to mention this - I was taking my test along with someone taking their tests for Instrument Airplane. I scored a 100% and the poor guy failed his test. Of course, this isn't funny, but he just returned from a flight school where he spent $1500 and this was the result.

This software really does make a difference. Thanks!

We are in awe, sir, of your spectacular results and thank you for the feedback. We're glad that we were able to help!

Military Competence Written Test - 100%

S McC of Odessa, Florida wrote us today:

I purchased the MCA test prep. Outstanding program! I passed with a 100%.
The MCA test is the one that allows US Military Pilots to transition to civilian pilot certificates. Our GroundSchool software can prepare people for this as well as all the standard FAA written tests. Congratulations, sir!

Another nice result!

Really good preparation for the written!
Atlanta, GA

Helicopter Instructor Tests Mastered!

I've purchased most or all of your helicopter knowledge test prep software. A couple days ago I took the IRH helicopter instrument exam, missing 3 and scored a 95. Since that went well I decided to take the IGI and missed 4 for a 92. I passed the AGI in Nov 2014. Already being a CFI-H, and even though I hadn't done any studying or practice exams specifically for the FIH I thought it was probably the same pool of instrument related questions so I then took that one too. I missed 6 for an 88. Not as good as I hoped, but still passing and those 3 are all out of the way now. I've used your software for every written exam I've taken, and will continue to do so. Thanks!
Pittsburgh, PA

CAX Commercial Pilot Written Success!

Dauntless helped me tremendously on my FAA written exam! Questions covered many of the test questions and explained in great detail. Highly recommend!
Commercial Pilot

Great score by a balloon pilot!

I scored a 90 and highly recommend your app.
Private Pilot, Hot Air Balloon

GroundSchool JUST WORKS

I'm just writing to say that I am extraordinarily happy with this software.

I ordered it a few years ago and have used it multiple times just to stay current. I updated it today and (unlike most online software) IT WORKED. Simple, easy.

If you folks ever need a testimonial - I'll be happy to provide it; simply because this software WORKS.

Huntsville, AL

Checkride and Written Test Success!

I have downloaded both the mobile and desktop versions of the Commercial Prep app for my upcoming checkride. My only regret is not knowing about this prep course years ago. I have also downloaded the CFI ground school app toward my next rating. I am almost 60 years old and have been flying for 20 years. I have decided to to commit to flying and instructing as retirement plan. I have used many prep software in the past but find your product to be far superior in many ways. Congratulations on the outstanding training software. Just wish I knew about you before spending so much $$$ on less engaging and inferior programs. Keep up the great work.

Great score on the ATP Helicopter test!

JB, a helicopter pilot from Colorado Springs, Co wrote us today with this great news:

Test: ATP-Helicopter. Exam date: 12 Mar 2008. Score: 96%. Your training package was excellent. I was skeptical at first because your product was so much cheaper than others. I tried it -- I like it! Studied only the material that came with the download -- studied for two weeks.
Great work sir!

Great Results from Up North!

Guys, I just wanted to let you know that your software really worked well for me. I commute to work by train each day and used the time to study on my iPhone with your Canada Pilot software... I couldn't have done so well without you!
Burlington, Ontario

FAA written test success from south of the border

Most of our GroundSchool FAA written test prep users are, natually, US citizens. However, recently we got a bit of nice feedback from JB, a pilot from Mexico City, Mexico:

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the excellent software you provide for the FAA knowledge tests. I aced my commecial and IFR foreign pilot thanks to your product.
Well done sir! And thank you for the kind feedback.

FAA IFR Helicopter Success by a German Pilot!

Hi Dear Dauntless Crew, I passed the written exam a few weeks ago, thanks to you and your software. I'm realy enthusiastic.

Another high score with GroundSchool

I purchased your ATPL-H software and just took the written...got a 96! Thanks for a thoughtful and well designed program with great results. As a 30 year Helicopter CFI, I highly recommend your product!
Traverse City, MI

Excellent results on the tough A&P writtens!

I just completed all three FAA A&P written exams using your product exclusively and I never scored less than 86%, thank you very much, I will now buy the Private Pilot / Commercial Pilot bundle for my son. I would recommend this product to anyone who asks.
Leesburg, FL

FOI Success!

Took the exam after studying with Dauntless for two weeks. The updated question database was critical and provided a sense of relief going into the test. Without the updates I would not have done so well. Good Job Dauntless!
Flight Instructor

Private Pilot Helicopter great work!

My Score 98%. Missed One, Darn! First time I studied Books & Books. And practiced with Your Software. This time just a little book review, mostly just practiced with your Software. NO Doubt, I would have scored Lower Both times without your Software. Worth More than what you charge!
Murphy, ID

Passed the ATP!

I am pleased with your test prep program. The price is MUCH better than other comparable test study programs, only slightly higher than the test prep books!

Over all you guys are awesome! Thank you for the help.


Reno's coming up aces!

Just a quick note to say how awesome your study tools are. I have used them to pass 3 FAA Instrument tests, The FOI test, and the commercial test. Every time I use your product, I walk in the testing center with great confidence. I always score within 2-3 points of what I am scoring on your practice tests. I especially like the different modes of studying. Getting immediate feedback on questions allows me to 'burn in' only the RIGHT answers. On the FOI test I scored 100% and did the test in 9 minutes! (after a couple weeks of studying of course) THANK YOU!
Reno, NV
Wow, what can we say? Congratulations! Such results and confidence are surely testament to your hard work and it sounds like you're probably having fun learning to fly in between those written tests, too! We're glad we could play a small role in your success.

Kind words from a Chief Flying instructor

I wanted to thank you ... Having been involved as a chief flight instructor for over 10 years for three different schools, IP for a Part 135, and now moving on into the Part 121 world, i have and will continue to sing the high praises of the quality of your products.
Edgewater, FL

FAA Knowledge tests? No sweat!

I've used your software now for both my Instrument Airplane and Commercial written exams. It prepared me well both times. Just finished taking my commercial exam, and walked away with a score of 100%. Thanks for the great, easy to use software.
Fremont, NH

Rocked it Like a Hurricane!

I really don't know what I would do without this software. It has helped me so much on many different FAA tests. I would recommend this software to anyone that is preparing to take any one of the FAA written tests. Thank you so much for providing this product!
West Hurricane, UT
NM here aced his FOI (and other) knowledge tests with the help of our software. We're glad we could help and we're very impressed with the hard work and effort he put in. We're even more impressed that there's a place called 'West Hurricane, Utah.' Seriously though, congratulations!

Great news from one of our users

Just wanted to follow up on my last year's success and say "Thanks, Dauntless!" I've now added IFR and Commercial tickets with your help. I did all my prep with with your home study. You are the best test prep source in town. Thank you guys! It was even fun learning for the written!
Stockton, CA
Congratulations, VN! We hope you are having fun flying out there and it sounds like your flying career is going great.

98% on the Private Helicopter written!

Just passed my Helicopter Pilot Knowledge test. Missed ONE question out of the 60. .... ... I would not have been able to achieve my high score of 59 out of 60, if not for your software, regardless of how many hours I studied. You could charge 50 to 100% more for this and your Sign-Off service and it still would not be overpriced! Thanks!
Murphy, ID

3 tests, 3 superb scores!

Private Pilot - 98%, Instrument Rating - 100%, CFII - 100%. I'll let you know how the Commercial, CFI and ATP go when I get to them. Thanks a billion!
Daytona Beach, FL
Wow! Great job on some really tough tests. Good luck with the flying, sir!

97 on the private pilot written!

The program was invaluable as a study aid for taking the written. I got a 97% and am very pleased with the purchase of the app.
GroundSchool iPad User

98 on the FOI!

I passed my FOI test with a 98%. The test took just 15 minutes to take. I spent approximately 20-25 hrs. studying for the test using your test prep software and the Aviation Instructor's Handbook. Thanks!
Lancaster, TX

Great Score on the Private Written

I took the knowledge test this morning, and my score was 57 out of 60 for a score of 95%. I found the GroundSchool app to be far more effective than other forms of studying because practice tests suddenly became portable. Standing in a long line at the bank, the post office, or the airport? Have 20 minutes to kill between meetings at work? Quick, take a 60-question practice test.

Once I was routinely getting 90% or better on practice tests, I registered for the real thing. Thanks to my repeated drills, I passed easily.

FAA Private Pilot (Glider)

You don't need to pay more to get more!

I got a 97% on my instrument written thanks to your great software. I purchased [3-letter company] commercial ground and it was a big waste of money. Your software is 10 times better than [3-letter company]. Thanks again!
North Salt Lake, UT
Our competitors' test preparation software is more expensive since they sell it through a complicated and wasteful system of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. With us, you get a better test prep directly from us in an environmentally friendly, no-delay way. Despite our over ten years of providing test preparation to many many thousands of pilots, some people still think that because we cost less we must not be as good. We'll gladly put our full-color, detailed explanations, lifetime free upgrades, and just plain better software against our competitors any day of the week. You don't need to pay more to get more, as BP here with his excellent result on a quite challenging IFR written test is the latest to prove.

100% in 15 Minutes!

Great software to get me ready for the Military Competence Exam - Airplane. Excellent resources made readily available to explain questions and foster deeper understanding and general knowledge of regulations. I passed the exam within 15 minutes and scored 100%. The FAA Operations Inspector who handled my paperwork said "Geez, 100%? Maybe you put in too much time on this one." Nope, just the right amount, thank you! Completely worthwhile product.
Virginia Beach, VA

Great score on the CFi written!

I stand proud of my result owing a great deal of credit to the preparatory software purchased through Dauntless.
Dundas, MN

Great Score on the Canadian INRAT!

You guys rock! I passed the INRAT today with 94%, Your questions and formatting was a terrific help. The exam felt comfortable after doing all of yours. Your questions were bang on. Great product/format.
iOS User

Great Score on IFR!

Got a score of 98... The explanations that are shown here when you choose the wrong answer are extremely helpful!
iPhone App User

ATP Test prep success!

I had my ATP Multiengine FAR 121 Knowledge Test ... Your app was very helpful because I was flying in an airline out of USA so I did not have much time to study in fact I had less than one week. I studied chapter per chapter reading the explanations of all answers and I passed at my first try. It was great!

How do we compare?

In the past year I've taken private through CFI ratings for helicopters and I also went through all the airplane add-on ratings. For all my tests I've studied using [competitor's] software, but the software never seemed to give me practice test questions that I found on the actual written. Today I was getting ready to take my Airplane CFI add-on written, being skeptical of the [competitor's] software's history... I decided to seek an alternative. I came across you site, downloaded the trial and purchased your software. I was really pleased at the ease of making the purchase online as well as the numerous explanations taking me through each step of the purchase.

Once I started I learned I could emulate "Laser Grade" testing and was really impressed.

Upon review of questions that I would miss, I was blown away by the effort you guys put into explaining the correct answer along with references and quotes.

The questions I was seeing on your software using the "crucial" mode was nothing like the questions [competitor's] was showing me. After about 8 attempts and scoring a consistent 88% I thought I'd really put your product to the test provided only a couple hours had elapsed from the time I purchased the software to the time I took the actual test. I ended up scoring a 84% which was fantastic considering the small amount of time I spent with your program. The questions I saw on the actual test were about 90% of what your software was asking me in "crucial" mode.

I'm so thrilled with your product and a raved to everyone in the flight school about how it's light years ahead for the competition!

I will do my best to spread the word about Dauntless Software and I think I'm going to purchase your Checkride Oral Exam prep as well.

Thank you for an outstanding product, you have a new customer!

Henderson, NV

Flight Instructor written tests ACED!

Hello! Just took both FIA and FOI. I passed the FIA with a 93% and passed the FOI with a 100%, thank the good Lord above. A fellow CFI student told me about Dauntles software so I decided to check it out. Am I ever glad I did. Can't thank you guys enough for a great product at a very reasonable price. I will definitely recommend it to anyone doing flight training. Seems to be more up to date and thorough than some of the other methods I've used. I have used **** courses for all my flight training previously. I do like them and have passed all my knowledge tests with them, including a 100% on my private pilot knowledge test, but I know I wouldn't have done nearly as well on these 2 latest tests without using Dauntless software....

The FOI took me about 20 minutes as I was well prepared and felt confident. I couldn't believe how fast that test went. I knew I had a good score and was pretty stoked when I saw it was a 100%. Thanks again!

Healy, AK

Feedback from Canada!

Great product that shows positive results every time. Originally purchased this software for my PSTAR exam and I aced that exam with a 96% grade. This software has an excellent variety of questions in its database. I highly recommend this product!
Ontario, Canada

Conversion from Indian ATPL to FAA ATP!

Thank you very much for your material. I am an Indian DGCA ATPL(H) holder. I completely relied, only on your material for the US ATP test. I studied for 3 days intensively and passed with no problems.
Hyderabad, India

Helicopter Ace!

I've purchased most or all of your helicopter knowledge test prep software. A couple days ago I took the IRH helicopter instrument exam, missing 3 and scored a 95. Since that went well I decided to take the IGI and missed 4 for a 92. ... I've used your software for every written exam I've taken, and will continue to do so. Thanks.
Tombell, PA

HIgh Praise for Safelog - PilotLog.com!

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing software system. I had been using [competitor's product], which now seems antiquated, clunky, awkward and featureless ... I'm a pilot for American Eagle (a new one, at that- less than 50 hours) ... I had no idea logging EVERYTHING I want to log could be SO easy! I'm also blown away that you staff real people to look at my old [competitor] file in the process of importing it. Thank you, thank you! Your service is worth every penny, and that means a lot coming from someone on first year FO salary!
Dallas, TX
FO, American Eagle

Aviation Meintenance Technician - Great Score!

I just scored a great score on my maintenance general test--Thank you so much again for a stellar test prep!
FAA Aiframe and Powerplant Student

98 on the Commercial Airplane Written!

After 10 diligently spent days with your software, I passed CAX with a 98! Great job with the Lasergrade emulation.
Old Field, NY

A Marine sends his report

My name is Kent Fitch and I have recently been honorably separated from the United States Marine Corps. While I was in, I used your private pilot test prep and it was amazing!!
Oceanside, CA

Superb Scores on the Private and IFR writtens!

I wanted to thank you guys again. I used GroundSchool to prepare for my private written back when I took it, the result was 98 (1 mistake out of 60). I have recently used your software again to prepare for my instrument written, I'm afraid I did much worse (98, or two mistakes out of 60, twice as many as last time...).

I loved the software, I loved the results even more. It gave me the knowledge I needed to pass the test and the confidence I'm ready for it to enable me to think clearly.

Boston, MA
Wow! Truly over the top praise. We're glad we could help.

IFR Pass!

Passed my IFR that is to Dauntless. I recommend this tool to anyone preparing for an FAA written test!
GroundSchool for Mac user, new IFR Pilot

97% on the IFR Written!

I only missed two questions out of the sixty. Score was 97%. I studied by reviewing the questions in Dauntless. After awhile, I would know the answer before I had completely read the question. Thanks, this software made the test a breeze.
Bill H.
GroundSchool iPhone/iPad User

GroundSchool iOS ATP app - 5 Stars!

Well worth the money!! Way better then packing around a book. So easy to use. Not much at all I can say bad about it. This App has 5 stars for a reason and I give it 5 stars also.
via iPhone

Better than our competitors!

Hi there. I've been using your software for many months now....LOVE'in it! So much better than A** Prepware.

Commercial Pilot Great Score!

Hi. I just wanted to let you know I took my Commercial Pilot written test and passed with a score of 91%. I found the course you offered to be excellent and relatively easy to follow. Yes, I had to study but there would have been no way possible for me to pass without a thorough understanding of the material and your format was excellent. I will recommend your course to everyone I come across. You really can't beat the cost either! So, thank you so very much. Now on to the maneuvers for the final exam...
Private Pilot with multi and instrument ratings. Working on commercial.

A nice score on the Sport Pilot written!

I used your software to prepare for my written and scored a 95% Thank you!
Moorehead, MN

A Great Score from France!

Just got my IFR written exam done in Paris... 98%! It has been a great fun to prepare it with GroundSchool. I will continue to use it from time to time as a refresher, and I just bought RideReady to prepare my Checkride ... Thanks!
Paris, France
Wow! that is an EXCELLENT score on the tough IFR written. Congratulations!

Safelog Saves the Day

I just wanted to say thank you for making it so easy to transfer my logbook data to a new computer. My old hard drive quit working, but fortunately I saved all the backup.dat files on an external hard drive, and it only took about 2 minutes to import everything! My new computer is now full up and running with minimal effort! Thanks so much!
USN F/A-18, T-45 Pilot
Virginia Beach, VA
We're very grateful that our products play a small role in helping pilots like ED here in his brave and honorable service, and doubly thankful that he took some time out of his busy schedule to write to us with some good news.

Another great knowledge test result!

I have been using Dauntless for my Private Pilot and A&P courses and it has helped immensely.
San Diego, CA
Thanks for the kind words, and congratulations on your excellent knowledge test scores!

Some more nice feedback..

I would like to deeply thank you for providing this superb exam preparation product. I used your program to prepare for my instrument written test. I was working with the program only for an hour or two a day for about a month. I took the exam and passed with [a very high] score. .. Checkride.com is the way to go!
Rhinebeck NY
(where they have those great Living WW1 Airshows)

Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilot success

92% on the knowledge test!
GroundSchool iPhone User
Newly-minted Commercial Balloon Pilot

Sport Pilot Test Pass!

I just passed my Sport Pilot Airplane written exam with flying colors after studying with Ground School on the iPad. I just wanted to say thanks for putting together a great app with fantastic info that helped me get the job done.
FAA Sport Pilot

General Nice Feedback From a Longtime User

I thoroughly enjoy using your products, and have found them very helpful in earning my ratings.
Purdue University, IN

92% on the IFR written test!

Thanks to your app and online test prep, I scored a 92%!

The flashcard style of test prep was very beneficial to me. Towards the 11th hour, I concentrated on Stacks 1 and 2, which were the questions I missed most during my prep.

There were only a couple questions on the actual test that I had not seen before using the app or online test prep.

Your explanations of the test questions and visual demonstrations really helped to make the subject matter understandable and prepared me for the actual test.

GroundSchool iOS User

An amazing run from the Netherlands!

As a foreign student I did 7 Knowledge tests and 6 practicals; I used the groundschool & rideready to help me preparing for all those tests ..... they were a great help!

Great score from a timid test taker

95%! This tool was highly effective in preparing me for the Instrument Rating written test, I only missed 3 questions on the actual exam. I do not test well and after using this program, I went into the test confident, knowing the answers to almost all of the questions that could appear on the actual exam. I would (and do) recommend to anyone who is looking to take a written FAA exam and needs to prepare effectively and efficiently!
East Providence, RI

Some nice feedback..

[Just took] my Private Pilot written exam. Scored a perfect 100% and although it was a lot of hard work, your product certainly played a big role in this achievement. Thank you. I will use your products as I progress through my ratings.
Charlotte, NC
Well done, sir! We're glad we could contribute to your success. Good luck in all of your aviation goals.

Another Happy Camper!

Using your product was the number one reason for passing my Instrument Airplane exam the first time with a score of 97%. Your software is the most inexpensive, yet is very flexible and "gets the job done!"
New Castle,DE
Wow! 97% is a great score on the particuarly tough IFR written. We're glad we could help you towards your goal.

100% on the IFR Written - Thank you!

I had already used the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] online study, but at the end of that program was woefully unprepared for the written test. The first few sessions with my CFII rapidly surpassed any insight I gained from the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] course. So IMO the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] IFR course was a *complete* waste of money...

However, your software enabled me to pass the IFR written test with a 100% score in less than 90 minutes. I particularly like your approach to automatically raising/lowering questions in the priority stack. Combined with the ability to easily focus on particular study areas, this enabled me to invest more energy in areas where I needed extra study.

I used [RED-book competitor] for my private, but found your software much more flexible and up-to-date. Their explanations and structured outlines, however, are generally excellent.

FYI, in addition to your software, the other main tool that I used was the FAA Instrument Flying Handbook, plus some online searches for the questions noted above. When I finally got serious about grinding out the written, I studied several hours on most days for about three weeks, but am obviously happy with the results.

Overall I think you provide exceptionally good value. Thank you!

Cupertino, CA

Uses it to update his knowledge

I have been using dauntless materials since 2008 or so. They are fantastic. I continuously use it for review and study of new and updated material Keep up the great work!

Enterprise, AL

Four great scores

DB wrote us with a report of well above average scores on three aviation maintenance technician knowledge tests and the FAA private pilot knowledge test and he's not done yet ... I will use your software for my instrument, commercial, and any other tests I take in the future. I ... will start using your software for my test soon!

Chelan Falls, WA

Flying is Freedom

It's Independence day in the USA; a time to reflect on sacrifices, ideals, and, yes, responsibilities that make freedom possible. There are few greater examples of individual freedom flourishing in a bed of responsible citizenship than those exhibited in flying. Do a good job studying, learn the practical and reasonable rules provided, stay current and you can enjoy the freedom of the skies - truly a freedom like no other. Happy Independence day, all. Stay safe and have fun!

Another great score!

Dan P from Corpus Christi, TX wrote us today to report that he'd scored a super 99% on his Aviation Mechanic - General test with the help of our GroundSchool software. Great job, Dan!

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