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Welcome to Dauntless Aviation! Safelog - The World's Most Trusted Pilot Logbook System Ace your FAA written test! Be confident and ready for your Checkride Oral Exam! SimPlates 70,000+ IFR Approach Plates EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep
Prepare for your Transport Canada Private Pilot, Recreational Pilot, PSTAR, and Instrument Rating (INRAT) exams. A range of items both for people who want to convert from Canada to FAA and FAA to Canada. For PC, iPhone™, iPad™, and Android™.

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Apr 13 - Looking for an extra tax deduction?
It's tax time in America. Hope you're not buried too badly under all that paperwork! Just a friendly reminder that while you should contact a tax professional for specifics of this and it's applicability to you, for many pilots purchases of educational material such as our training software can indeed be tax deductible.

Apr 13 - Flight Instructor Great Scores!
Just took the FIA and AGI this last weekend and did great on them both in minimal time again. Excellent software!
Brandon F
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Apr 11 - 96% on the Commercial Pilot Airplane Exam!

Really mad at myself too, because for three of the four questions I missed - I should have known the answer!!! I saw each of the questions multiple times in my prep - I just had a brain spasm.

I missed one performance chart problem, and still don't really know why. Part of the issue is that I really didn't get a chance to memorize which question it was, so I don't really know how to recreate what incorrect answer I came up with.

The other three (one on mixture being volume of air vs. volume of fuel in the CYLINDER vs. the Carb, one on a picky definition of ADM and one on measuring a course against the longitudinal merridian at the midpoint of the course) should have been within my grasp, but I just rushed (finished in less than an hour).

I took the exam about 8 days after buying the software. I primarily used the software to generate one practice exam after the other and took maybe 12 or so practice exams.

Great product! Now I'm going to look into your checkride prep.

Glenmoore, PA
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Apr 11 - Private Pilot Helicopter Success!
I have recently taken my FAA written test for Private Pilot Helicopter (Rotorcraft) and by using both your online course and the downloaded to CD oral course mananged to pass my test with a [great score!] ... Thanks for being all that you said you were!
Orchard, WA
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Apr 11 - Nice words from Florida..
Great product! I already have all my ratings (CFII, MEI & ATP) and simply using your GroundSchool products to stay current on my knowledge. I like how you combine the question with the reference for the knowledge, along with sound and different methods of questioning from the learning to the testing mode. Most importantly, this is done at an affordable price. Easily stated, well done!
Fort Myers, FL
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Apr 10 - A&P Success - In the classroom and beyond!
By using your test-prep software and audio files I am currently carrying a 4.0 average in my A&P school!
Arkansas Northeast College
Aviation Maintenance
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Apr 9 - Passed 5 tests, or was it 7?
Good news! i took advantage of your lifetime update, fired up an old dusty laptop and got ready for passing both the CFII and IGI "writtens" yesterday. The questions were all still current ... and there were no surprises. Your software still works in the "new" FAA "secret-question" environment, i'm happy with scores of 92% and 84%.

Thanks again for an excellent system, for keeping it up-to-date, for the lifetime update feature, and for saving me all kinds of $$$ with efficient and effective test prep!

More good news... i recommended your products enthusiastically before becoming a CFI. The enthusiasm isn't curbed, but the credibility is probably a little higher now that I've passed at least 5 "written" tests and 3 practical tests with your products ("at least 5" because i can't remember if i passed private or instrument with your stuff...it might be as high as 7 "written").

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Apr 8 - IFR Knowledge Test Success!
I took my actual test today for Instrument Rating Helicopter (IRH) at a CATS testing Center. I scored very highly! I used the CATS mode in the last few practice tests and found it to be just like the actual test today other than your computer figures were much clearer. I had to use the printed book today for the fiqures.

Your software prepared me for the actual knowledge and so it was easy to complete the test. There were several airplane questions on FAR's in the actual test which are different for helicopter but that is a FAA problem not yours.

Your software is great!

Sacramento, CA
Wow, congratulations on a tough test, JH! IFR is a challenge, but it looks like you're rising to the occasion. Glad we could help.
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Apr 8 - GroundSchool leads to test taking confidence!
Here is some customer feedback. I just took the PAR Private Pilot test for the first time and passed with a score of 92%. Your product was great helping me practice the test. Previously, I used [competitor's product] to get an endorsement to take the test, but still didn't feel quite ready. After practicing about 10 times on your site and consistently getting scores over 90%, I was confident I was ready.
Anchorage, AK
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Apr 7 - Another great score by a future pilot!
Thanks to Dauntless I just got a 92% on my written! Thanks for the help getting me one step closer to fulfilling one of my biggest dreams!
Media, PA
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