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  Canadian Versions

Authors Wanted! - We are currently looking for qualified aviation authors (maybe you or an instructor that you might know?) to develop high quality ORIGINAL aviation content (basically, questions, answers, and explanations) for future Canadian Commercial Pilot Aeroplane and ATP versions of our theory exam preparation products. Interested parties should send the following in an email to jobs(at)dauntless-soft.com:
  • A statement of interest, including a brief bio which convinces us that you indeed have the background to credibly undertake such a project
  • Your proposed outline of the chapters/content that your question sets will cover and the approximate total number of questions in each
  • At least 10 sample questions, complete with 1 correct answer, 3 credible 'distractor' answers, and a detailed, intelligent explanation. At least 1 of the sample questions must include a chart or figure to reference, and at least 3 of the samples must include figures or diagrams in the explanations. While any charts (performance charts, navigational chart excerpts, etc) you provide should be "good to go" based on scanned originals, your illustrations to answering questions need not be more than rough sketches as our designers will improve upon these.
  • A proposal of the time-line to completion, including milestones for numbers of questions / chapters done by certain date(s).
  • Your renumeration request. Please note that our budget here is quite limited, though besides what we can afford to pay you, you will also have the satisfaction of helping flight students while we will of course provide you with personal promotion and references that might otherwise help your career.
We appreciate that we are asking quite a lot from applicants, but otherwise in our experience "tire kickers" become an issue. Hence, we ask you to get a feel for the actual work involved so that you can see if it is for you.

In addition to Canadian Commercial Pilot and ATP aeroplane titles, we also welcome proposals along generally similar lines from others who think they have a good idea, again, with a credible proposal/schedule and sample of work.

We look forward to hearing from you!