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FAA CheckRide Oral Exam Preparation - Order Step 1  FAA CheckRide Oral Exam Preparation - Order Step 1 Dauntless Aviation
The page below is for purchasing Microsoft Windows™ PC version(s) of RideReady. Other versions are also available: iPhone™ / iPad™ | Android™ | Mac™

Excellent! You're on your way to purchasing a single-user, nontransferable license to the FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (CFI) AIRPLANE version of RideReady - FAA Practical Test Oral Exam preparation software for your Windows PC.

Once you complete the purchase process, an activation code will be emailed to you. This activation code will transform the demo software, which you can download from here into the fully unlocked version where you have complete access to all the study content. This means that you can be studying for your CFI checkride oral exam in just moments from now.

This product is primarily for single-engine airplane VFR flight instructor (CFI) applicants. In other words, its best suited for those who are getting their basic airplane CFI rating which for most airplane pilots is their first instructor rating. Instructor checkride oral exams, typically given by FAA examianers (not DPEs), are often considerably longer and more involved than those for other checkrides. As such, your getting this app to study is a very good idea!

(VFR) Ground Instructors (Basic or Advanced) may also derive benefit from this title in that it will help them keep their knowledge fresh. However, there is no Ground Instructor "checkride" per se, so if you're a non-flying ground instructor, this will more help you prepare for the classes you give. For the Ground Instructor WRITTEN tests, please see our series of GroundSchool Flight and Ground Instructor Written test preps.

If the above does not apply to you...

  • For MEI (multi-engine instructor), try RideReady - MultiEngine instead.
  • For CFI-I (instrument flight instructor) or instrument ground instructor (IGI), try RideReady - IFR - Airplane
  • For Helicopter Flight Instructor:
    • For Helicopter CFI, try RideReady - CFI - Helicopter
    • For Helicopter INSTRUMENT instructor, try RideReady - IFR - Helicopter
  • For Hot Air Balloon, try RideReady - Hot Air Balloon (when you get your commercial balloon pilot certificate you get instructor privileges)

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