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Evidence as to why our study method works.  Evidence as to why our study method works. FAA Written Test Preparation
NY Times, Science

We've always known instinctively that our method of preparing you for FAA knowledge tests best helps you not just score highly on the test, but also to actually LEARN THE MATERIAL in an effective way. Now, recent evidence as published in the respected journal 'Science' and as described in the New York Times article below provides solid support for our thoughts here. The key is learning by doing - by taking the sample tests that our software provides, you train your brain not just for the test itself, but to retain and internalize the knowledge items encapsulated therein. Those boring videos from a third party company don't do it - the learning effectiveness of those is exceptionally low (but they do cost a lot!). Similarly, books don't do it since the process of learining with books is too passive and does not engage your brain as our software does. Our GroundSchool test prep materials are the most effective way for you to prepare for your written test.

NY Times Article

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