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 Order Security Concerns? Dauntless Software

"I click on the secure order form and don't see that reassuring lock/key symbol. Your order form doesn't appear to be secure. Is that true?"

No! Our order forms are encrypted per the latest technology and they, along with your personal and credit card information, are 100% secure. What happens sometimes is that the secure order form is embedded in a regular (non secure) frame (this is a feature of how the web page is displayed to you). Some web browsers display only the security status of the outermost frame, and thus the "secureness" of our ordering page might not be apparent.

To prove to yourself that the forms are secure, please try this: Instead of left clicking to proceed to an order form, right click and select "Open Target in New Window" (or equivalent). Voila! on the newly opened page, the reassuring lock/key symbol is visible--the form is indeed secure.

Our orders are handled by SWreg, a company whose specialty is online order security. SWreg's process includes two of the toughest security verifications - Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. Long story short - your info is secure and in good hands!

If you're still not convinced, click here for phone / fax ordering information. Bear in mind that with thousands of customers, we have never had any credit card or customer data security issue, irregularity, or problem whatsoever.

We're always happy to hear from you! To contact technical, pre-sales, or customer support, please visit our helpdesk.

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