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 The Registration Process Dauntless Software

We're always happy to hear from you! To contact technical, pre-sales, or customer support, please visit our helpdesk.

Dauntless Aviation PC Software registration process.

What does it mean to "register" software. What are the advantages to this?

Much of the software that we have available is available on a try before you buy basis. What this means is that you are free to download them from our website. However, you won't get the full benefit of the software unless you register it--that is, pay for it. Note: we use the terms "register" and "unlock" interchangeably.

The try before you buy nature of the software means you can check it out on your computer and see if it works reasonably from a technical perspective and you can also determine whether it fits your needs BEFORE you decide to buy it. Because of this, we hope that you can understand it to be fair that our software is non-returnable.


Ok--I get that--but how, exactly, do I register?

The process for each product differs slightly, but basically it comes down to this:

  • Find the web page of the product you are interested in and then find the "buy now" or "register now" button or link.
  • Clicking this will take you to our secure order screens. (Note: our secure order screens are run by SWreg, a company that handles orders for many small companies, not just our own. Because taking Internet software orders are all they do, SWreg are superbly equipped to prevent fraud and in fact in the many years of working with SWreg, no customer of ours has ever had any sort of internet security / credit card problem whatsoever (Not comfortable using your credit card online? Click here for phone / fax purchase methods).)
  • After you pay for the software, an eMail will be sent to your inbox which will contain your registration / unlock keycode. Make a note of this keycode and keep it in a safe offline place in case you should ever need to recover it in the future.
  • Start the software and click on the "unlock" button or link therein. Then, carefully follow the steps there to actually unlock your software using the keycode you have been issued.

If you lose your registration code after purchase, don't think you got it at all when you should have, or think that your unlock code isn't working, click here.


What happens if a new version comes out?

As a registered use of a Dauntless Software product, in the case of most, but not all software, you are entitled to FREE UNLIMITED UPGRADES of software. This means that if a new version of the software you registered becomes available, you may download it and register it again using the key you were given (if we ever change our registration keys and yours doesn't seem to be working, just drop us a note). The catch here is that the license is for your personal use only. Transferring your registration code to other individuals is in violation of your license (the license of registered users)., and, should we find out, we will likely have little choice but the unfortunate one of having to take legal action. We don't want to do this--but--well--you understand. If we find a Dauntless Software registration key being distributed, we can trace this back to the original registerer pretty easily, as we maintain a database of keys and to whom they were issued. Thanks for understanding.

Note: there is occasionally a subtle difference between a new version and a new product. While with our GroundSchool software, users are effectively entailed to lifetime free upgrades, with certain CD-ROM titles especially, new products are new products, not new versions. For example, we used to sell SimPlates 2000 on CD-ROM. After we made it, we made a number of upgrades that we made available as free downloads from our website. After that, we came out with SimPlates 2004 as a new product (this was a 2 CD-ROM set). SimPlates 2004 is a completely new product, and thus SimPlates 2000 customers are not eligible for a free upgrade. In general, if there is a new product in new packaging or with substantially new functionality/pricing, it will be considered to be a new product. Also, for the most part if you have purchased one CD-ROM product, we will not be sending you additional CD-ROMs in the future - if there are upgrades, this will be via the Internet. If there is a new product, you will have the option of buying this anew. Thank you for understanding that while we have a very generous upgrade policy, we follow a very industry standard practice in this regard.


If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask us via the online helpdesk.

Blue Skies!

The Dauntless Aviation Team

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