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The Ultimate Simulator Navigation Bundle  The Ultimate Simulator Navigation Bundle Dauntless Software


WE NOW HAVE LESS THAN 10 OF THESE LEFT! If you'd like one, please buy it now.

"This is the best navigation bundle available for flight simulator enthusiasts, period."

SimPlates 2004 is the best approach plate solution for pilots. There are two basic CD-ROMs which include 18000+ actual IFR approach plates.

But what about en-route and other charts?

We have for sale a limited number of Jeppesen Airway Manuals at a very special price. The Jeppesen manual is an ACTUAL Jeppesen manual used for training JAR flight crews for their "big jet" ATPL certificates. The charts and content inside are actual Jeppesen and of professional quality just like professional pilots use.

Inside, you get the following:

  • An 180+ page introduction that serves as a reference and tutorial for approach, enroute, and other charts.
  • Low Altitude Enroute Charts
    • E(Lo) 1A Covering Scotland, the Faeroes, and Parts of Norway
    • E(Lo) 1 and 2 Covering All of England, Wales, most of Ireland, bits of Belgium, and Northern France
    • E(Lo) 5 and 6 Covering (at least part of the each of the following: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Northern Germany, Northeast France, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden (and bits of UK Airspace)
    • Atlantic Ocean Orientation Charts 1 and 2 (H/L) covering the Atlantic ocean from as far south as the north of South America and Dakar in Senegal to Greenland in the North. Includes coverage of most of the Eastern Seabord including New York, Gander, Miami, Montreal, Bermuda, etc and also all of the UK, parts of France and Spain, Portugal, etc.
    • United States Low altitude Enroute Charts 45 and 46 covering New Boston, New York City, Connecticut, Buffalo, and much of middle New York State and northern Pennsylvania
    • United States Low altitude Enroute Charts 47 and 48 covering the NYC area, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, all of Virginia and West Virginia, bits of Ohio, Pittsburgh, much of Pennsylvania, etc.
  • High Altitude Enroute Charts
    • E(Hi) 1 and 2 covering bits of Scotland, Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden
    • E(Hi) 3 and 4 covering most of the UK and Ireland, 2/3 of France, much of Germany, Northern Italy, bits of the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, all of Switzerland, and more (Czech republic, Croatia, Belgium, etc).
    • E(Hi) 4 and 5 with coverage similar to 3 and 4, but also including the rest of France and more of Italy
    • Canada-Alaska (Hi) 3 and 4 covering Canada's Far north and also much of Eastern Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Montreal, Gander, Halifax, Bangor Maine, etc.
    • US (Hi) 4 and 3 covering the US from Maine to Michigan to northern Arkansas to Virginia. Covers all of the Northeast including NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, etc. Also covers Chicago.
    • AT (Hi) 5, covering flying the North Pole!
  • Plotting, etc Charts
    • North Atlantic Plotting Chart (2 of them.. They differ from each other in the type of detail they provide)
    • North Canada Plotting Chart
    • VFR+GPS Chart ED-6 for Germany, covering Munich, Stuttgart, Zurich, etc.
  • An ICAO Air Traffic Control reference
  • Arrival Charts, Paper approach Plates, Taxiway and Parking diagrams, and more for Several Major World Airports:
    • Schiphol, Netherlands
    • London Heathrow, UK
    • Madrid Spain
    • Munich, Germany
    • New York JFK, USA
    • Paris Charles de Gaulle, France
    • Zurich, Switzerland
  • finally there is a VFR reference and Guide as well as VFR arrival and area charts for a few European airports.

It really is a superb package. Keep in mind that the paper Jeppesen charts typically cost not less than around $15 each.


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