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FAA Written Test Preparation Software - Order Step 1  FAA Written Test Preparation Software - Order Step 1 FAA Written Test Preparation

Order Screen

Military Pilot? Dauntless Aviation's GroundSchool - Military Competence Software is the best way for you to prepare for the FAA Military Competence Airpalane (MCA), Military Competence Helicopter (MCH) and/or Miitary Competence Instructor (MCI) tests that you will need to obtain your civilian (usually commercial pilot and/or certified flight instructor and certified instrument flight instructor) certificates.

The purchase process is as follows:

  1. You download the (trial version of the) software from the www.MilComp.com website or obtain it through other means. You try it on your computer, and if you like it, you end up here, where you can begin the registrion/unlock process. You may register/unlock the software without trying it first, but be aware that there are no refunds available as the unlock process is non-reversible.
  2. Click on the 'Continue' button below
  3. Fill out your information necessary to order. If you're concerned about your personal information,
    • We don't spam. Your information is collected for order processing / security reasons only
    • We offer alterate (phone, fax) methods of purchase for those concerned with using credit cards online. That said, ordering online with a credit card is the easiest and best way to order and is very secure
    It is important that you enter your correct e-mail address on the form, as your registration/unlock code will be emailed there.
  4. In most cases, your unlock code(s) will arrive at the e-mail address you specified within minutes.
  5. Once you have your unlock code, start up the GroundSchool - Military Competence program. Select 'Unlocking this Software' from the main menu. Follow the steps to activate your software from within there.
  6. At this point, you will have a fully unlocked program. Great!
This may seem like a lot of steps, it should be pretty straightforward.

Remember, below you are buying a single-user, non-transferrable license. Do not 'share' your software with others, but direct them to buy their own copy. We put in our time into the military and have the utmost respect for those who continue to serve--please show reciprocal respect for our hard work and be fair about this or the next generation of pilots will go back to paying $75+ plus for classroom sessions! Thank you for your understanding!

Please choose the variation of your choice:
Military Competence Airplane and Helicopter
+ Military Competence Instructor
  •  Military Competence Airplane and Helicopter
  •  Military Competence Instructor

  • This page is for purchasing MS-Windows™ PC versions of our products. If you'd prefer to purchase the iPhone™/iPad™ versions, then click here to visit the GroundSchool MilComp App page for more info.

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