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Not going anywhere for a while?   It's a great time to update your pilot logbook or prepare for your next aviation written test.  Our staff are responsibly working remotely and our website and products are fully open and available for you.   We hope you and yours stay safe, happy, and healthy during these unprecedented times.  We'll all be flying again soon!

Flight Engineer Downloads  Flight Engineer Downloads FAA Written Test Preparation

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  • The links below are for the 2020 versions of our award-winning FAA test prep software and apps. They're updated regularly throughout the year to be as fresh as possible. If you're not ready to take your test just yet, we've got you covered; all of our GroundSchool apps feature free lifetime updates for both the question banks and the apps themselves.
  • Why are are downloads so large? - A slightly longer download yes, but a much better product. Click here to find out why.

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GroundSchool - Flight Engineer
for Microsoft Windows™ PCs Installation Guide Usage Walkthrough

(Turbojet, Turboprop, and Reciprocating)

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GroundSchool - All FAA Written Test Titles
for Microsoft Windows™ PCs Installation Guide Usage Walkthrough

This single large download includes all of our FAA knowledge test prep titles - Private through FE/ATP + Mechanic [More Info].

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GroundSchool - Flight Engineer
for Apple Mac™

(Turbojet, Turboprop, and Reciprocating)

GroundSchool - Flight Engineer
for iPhone™ and iPad™

(Turbojet, Turboprop, and Reciprocating)

GroundSchool - Flight Engineer
for Android™

(Turbojet, Turboprop, and Reciprocating)

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Audio Presentation

In MP3 format for your iPod™ / music player or to burn to CD and listen to in the car and elsewhere.

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We believe (and scientific study validates) that the interactive activity of test preparation, when combined with the sort of detailed supplementary and explanatory material that we offer, is an excellent way to thoroughly learn and internalize key aviation information.

We are test prep specialists and the experience of thousands upon thousands of pilots proves that our method works. We do not use test prep as a "hook", as some of our advertising-based competitors do, to sell you expensive but ineffective passive video-based courses and similar products that do little besides waste your time and drain your wallet.

Use our material and study hard - not just the questions and answers, but the reasoning and explanations too, and be on your way, in a highly time and cost efficient way, to knowledge test and aviation success!

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