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FAA Written Test Preparation Software - Order Step 1  FAA Written Test Preparation Software - Order Step 1 FAA Written Test Preparation

Excellent! You're only a few moments away from purchasing access to the 'Takeoff Bundle + Sport Pilot Bundle' for Microsoft Windows PCs at a special combo price of $209.99.

When you purchase the 'Takeoff Bundle + Sport Pilot Bundle', you get access to ALL of the following tests for one low price!

PVT − Recreational and Private Pilot
PAR − Private Pilot Airplane
PAT − Private Pilot Airplane / Recreational Pilot - Transition
PBG − Private Pilot Balloon - Gas
PBH − Private Pilot Balloon - Hot Air
PGL − Private Pilot Glider
PGT − Private Pilot Gyroplane / Recreational Pilot Transition
PHT − Private Pilot Helicopter / Rec Pilot Transition
PLA − Private Pilot Lighter-Than-Air
PRG − Private Pilot Gyroplane
PRH − Private Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter
RPA − Recreational Pilot Airplane
RPG − Recreational Pilot Gyroplane
PPP − Private Pilot Powered Parachute
PWS − Private Pilot Weight Shift Control
PCP − Private Pilot Canadian Conversion (Airplane)
PCH − Private Pilot Canadian Conversion (Helicopter)
PEP − Private Pilot EU Part - FCL Conversion (Airplane)
IFR − Instrument Rating
AIF − Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane (added rating)
FIH − Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter
FII − Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane
HIF − Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter (added rating)
IFP − Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot
IGI − Ground Instructor Instrument
IRA − Instrument Rating Airplane
IRH − Instrument Rating Helicopter
ICP − Instrument Rating Canadian Conversion (Airplane)
ICH − Instrument Rating Canadian Conversion (Helicopter)
IEP − Instrument Rating EU Part - FCL Conversion (Airplane)
COM − Commercial Pilot
CAX − Commercial Pilot Airplane
CBG − Commercial Pilot Balloon - Gas
CBH − Commercial Pilot Balloon - Hot Air
CGX − Commercial Pilot Glider
CLA − Commercial Pilot Lighter Than Air
CRG − Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Gyroplane
CRH − Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter
MCA − Military Competence Airplane
MCH − Military Competence Helicopter
CCP − Commercial Pilot Canadian Conversion
CFI − Flight and Ground Instructor
AFA − Flight Instructor Airplane (added rating)
AFG − Flight Instructor Glider (added rating)
AGI − Ground Instructor Advanced
BGI − Ground Instructor Basic
FIA − Flight Instructor Airplane
FIG − Flight Instructor Glider
FOI − Fundamentals of Instruction
FRG − Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Gyroplane
FRH − Flight Instructor Rotorcraft Helicopter
GFA − Flight Instructor Gyroplane (added rating)
HFA − Flight Instructor Helicopter (added rating)
MCI − Military Competence Instructor
SPG − Sport Pilot - General
SPG − Sport Pilot- General
SPA − Sport Pilot Airplane
SPB − Sport Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Balloon)
SPI − Sport Pilot Glider
SPL − Sport Pilot Lighter-Than-Air (Airship)
SPP − Sport Pilot Powered Parachute
SPW − Sport Pilot Weight-Shift-Control
SPY − Sport Pilot Gyroplane
SPI − Sport Pilot - Instructor and Examiner
SIA − Flight Instructor Sport Airplane
SIB − Flight Instructor Sport Balloon
SIL − Flight Instructor Sport Lighter Than Air
SIP − Flight Instructor Sport Powered Parachute
SIW − Flight Instructor Sport Weight Shift
SIY − Flight Instructor Sport Gyroplane
SEF − Fundamentals of Instruction
SEA − Pilot Examiner Sport Airplane
SEB − Pilot Examiner Sport Balloon
SEL − Pilot Examiner Sport Lighter Than Air
SEP − Pilot Examiner Sport Powered Parachute
SEW − Pilot Examiner Sport Weight Shift
SEY − Pilot Examiner Sport Gyroplane
SEG − Pilot Examiner Sport Glider
SIG − Flight Instructor Sport Glider
FOI − Fundamentals of Instruction
FOI − Fundamentals of Instruction

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