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Diecast Aircraft Information  Diecast Aircraft Information MetalWings Diecast Aircraft Reference by Dauntless Aviation
Hobby Master 1/48 Air Power Series
Grumman F9F-2 Panther, “Paper Doll”
VF-781, USS Bon Homme Richard
1/48 scale pre-finished
Die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic.
Professionally painted.
All markings pad applied for superb results.
Cockpit slides open.
Comes with display stand.
Landing gear is fully retractable and can be displayed up or down.
Wings can fold and unfold.
Extremely sought after by collectors.
CV/CVA 31 USS Bon Homme Richard, affectionately known as Bonnie Dick was an
Essex Class
Aircraft Carrier launched Apr. 1944 commissioned Nov 1944. She saw action in WWII
where she earned 18 Battle Stars, Korea and was the first ship to deploy 6 times to
Vietnam as well as being the first Ace aircraft carrier there. Stricken for disposal in
September 1989, sold for scrap in 1992. On July 11 1992 there was one last farewell
when former crew and others were allowed to tour the run-down hulk prior to it going to
the cutting torch.

The F9F Panther entered service in 1949. It was the first Grumman jet fighter, first
Carrier-Borne Navy jet fighter in combat, first USN jet to shoot down an enemy airplane,
first jet aircraft used by the Blue Angels. A total of 1,382 F9Fs were made. VF-781 was
the first squadron to volunteer for combat in Korea and were 100% volunteers earning
them the name “Pacemakers”. The F9F flew 78,000 sorties with VF-781 flying 2,721 of
them without a single loss of life. The Panther was removed from front-line service in
Specification for the Grumman F9F-2 Panther:

1 X Pratt & Whitney J42-P-6/P-8 turbojet
Rated at – 5,000 lb.s.t. for takeoff dry
5,950 lb.s.t. for takeoff with water injection

Maximum speed – 575 mph at sea level, 545 mph at 22,000 feet, 529 mph at 3,500 feet
Cruising speed – 487 mph
Landing speed - 105 mph
Initial climb rate – 5,140 feet per minute
Service ceiling – 44,600 feet
Normal range – 1,353 miles

Wingspan - 38 feet 0 inches
Length - 37 feet 5 3/8 inches
Height - 11 feet 4 inches
Wing area - 250 square feet.

Empty – 9,303 pounds
Combat - 14,235 pounds
Gross - 16,450 pounds
Take-off - 19,494 pounds maximum

Internal fuel capacity:
923 US gallons

4 X 20-mm cannon.
Under-wing loads of up to 2,000 pounds of bombs
and rockets could be carried on eight under-wing racks.


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