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Have you misplaced your unlock code? Do you feel that you never received one but should have? Are you having trouble with the unlock / activation process? Please try our unlock problems wizard! It can help you solve most such problems quickly! Alternately, if that doesn't help, you can try our lost / never received / not working unlock keycode page. But please do try the unlock problems wizard! first.. it works!
Have you not received something in the mail or post that you were expecting, such as a CD-ROM?
Generally speaking, our software works great on Vista! However, you may experience problems if Vista's permissions are not properly set. Here's how to fix this.
Over 99% of other questions that people have can be answered by reading through our Frequently Asked Questions. You will almost certainly have your question or concern answered in the quickest possible way by reading through the FAQs. Please help save mutual time and effort by reading through the FAQs before submitting a helpdesk ticket.
Finally, if you've tried what is suggested by the above or the above simply does not apply to you, you can submit a helpdesk ticket to our technical, sales, or customer support staff.

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Lost / Not Working / Never Received Unlock code.
How does this online help desk system work?
Getting an 'Error 75'?
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