Dauntless Aviation Latest news http://www.dauntless-soft.com Latest news from Dauntless Aviation en General Nice Feedback From a Longtime User http://www.dauntless-soft.com <BLOCKQUOTE> I thoroughly enjoy using your products, and have found them very helpful in earning my ratings. </BLOCKQUOTE> <span class="BQfooter"> <div> <strong>ZW</strong><BR>Purdue University, IN </div> </span> January 16, 2018 1:15PM EST 92% on the IFR written test! http://www.dauntless-soft.com <BLOCKQUOTE> Thanks to your app and online test prep, I scored a 92%! <P> The flashcard style of test prep was very beneficial to me. Towards the 11th hour, I concentrated on Stacks 1 and 2, which were the questions I missed most during my prep. <P> There were only a couple questions on the actual test that I had not seen before using the app or online test prep. <P> Your explanations of the test questions and visual demonstrations really helped to make the subject matter understandable and prepared me for the actual test. </BLOCKQUOTE> <span class="BQfooter"> <div> <strong>RB</strong><BR>GroundSchool iOS User </div> </span> January 12, 2018 12:36PM EST An amazing run from the Netherlands! http://www.dauntless-soft.com <BLOCKQUOTE> As a foreign student I did 7 Knowledge tests and 6 practicals; I used the groundschool & rideready to help me preparing for all those tests ..... they were a great help! </BLOCKQUOTE> <span class=BQfooter"> <div> <strong>SW</strong> <BR> Netherlands </div> </span> January 10, 2018 5:04PM EST Great score from a timid test taker http://www.dauntless-soft.com <BLOCKQUOTE> 95%! This tool was highly effective in preparing me for the Instrument Rating written test, I only missed 3 questions on the actual exam. I do not test well and after using this program, I went into the test confident, knowing the answers to almost all of the questions that could appear on the actual exam. I would (and do) recommend to anyone who is looking to take a written FAA exam and needs to prepare effectively and efficiently! </BLOCKQUOTE> <span class="BQfooter"> <div> <strong>LG</strong><BR>East Providence, RI </div> </span> January 9, 2018 5:23AM EST Some nice feedback.. http://www.dauntless-soft.com <BLOCKQUOTE> [Just took] my Private Pilot written exam. Scored a perfect 100% and although it was a lot of hard work, your product certainly played a big role in this achievement. Thank you. I will use your products as I progress through my ratings.</BLOCKQUOTE> <span class="BQfooter"> <div> <strong>TE</strong> <BR> Charlotte, NC </div> </span> Well done, sir! We're glad we could contribute to your success. Good luck in all of your aviation goals. January 5, 2018 3:04PM EST Another Happy Camper! http://www.dauntless-soft.com <BLOCKQUOTE> Using your product was the number one reason for passing my Instrument Airplane exam the first time with a score of 97%. Your software is the most inexpensive, yet is very flexible and "gets the job done!" </BLOCKQUOTE> <span class="BQfooter"> <div> <strong>LF</strong> <BR> New Castle,DE </div> </span> Wow! 97% is a great score on the particuarly tough IFR written. We're glad we could help you towards your goal. January 4, 2018 4:18PM EST 100% on the IFR Written - Thank you! http://www.dauntless-soft.com <BLOCKQUOTE> I had already used the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] online study, but at the end of that program was woefully unprepared for the written test. The first few sessions with my CFII rapidly surpassed any insight I gained from the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] course. So IMO the [Royal Ripoff Competitor] IFR course was a *complete* waste of money... <P> However, your software enabled me to pass the IFR written test with a 100% score in less than 90 minutes. I particularly like your approach to automatically raising/lowering questions in the priority stack. Combined with the ability to easily focus on particular study areas, this enabled me to invest more energy in areas where I needed extra study. <P> I used [RED-book competitor] for my private, but found your software much more flexible and up-to-date. Their explanations and structured outlines, however, are generally excellent. <P> FYI, in addition to your software, the other main tool that I used was the FAA Instrument Flying Handbook, plus some online searches for the questions noted above. When I finally got serious about grinding out the written, I studied several hours on most days for about three weeks, but am obviously happy with the results. <P> Overall I think you provide exceptionally good value. Thank you! </BLOCKQUOTE> <span class="BQfooter"> <div> <strong>CB</strong><BR>Cupertino, CA </div> </span> January 3, 2018 12:08PM EST This year: resolve to fly. http://www.dauntless-soft.com <!--YEARLY-->A message from our founders: <P> <I> Every new year brings reflection on the year past. Speaking broadly for the world as a whole, the previous year ended on a series of worrisome notes as, some would suggest, the chickens of previous years' economic overexuberances had come home to roost. <P> Speaking for Dauntless, while of course we have been affected by the overall global slowdown to some extent, that we make the best products of their kind out there gives us plenty of reason to be optimistic for the future - we have a series of exciting new releases planned for this year and we look forward to sharing these with you as they become available. <P> It's true that tough economic times provide convenient excuses to defer plans and dreams, and in the following I'm not at all trying to belittle those, and certainly there are many, who truly find themselves in dire straits. However, good times or bad, time moves on, and make sure that if your dreams include aviation, that you don't make excuses unnecessarily. <P> If anything, it's a great time to fly - aircraft fuel prices are now as low as they've been in recent memory and also, many believe, as low as they're likely to ever be again. While of course we don't want to pretend that flying or learning to fly is inexpensive, the cost must be weighed against the arguably much higher cost of never chasing after your dreams. Let's face it - an hour of flying probably costs the same or more as buying a single Playstation or X-Box game - but which will you remember more? Which will ultimately be the stuff of your dreams? <P> Maybe what I'm saying is this - don't let the current economic times cause you to lose sight of your dreams. Whatever your goal in aviation, it will take a bit of sacrifice, but it will be worth it. <P> I also suggest (humbly) that if you're not quite ready to start flying now, you can also get a head start on your training in the future and "keep the dream alive" by learning the stuff and studying using our relatively inexpensive software and other training materials. It's never too early to start, and it's something you can do even if you have the desire but winter weather keeps you grounded. <P> Happy New Year! <P> <FONT SIZE="-2">from AC, NV, and the entire Dauntless family</FONT> </I> January 1, 2018 10:46AM EST A new helicopter instructor's success! http://www.dauntless-soft.com <Blockquote> The software works great! I have used Dauntless for all of my written exams, and passed each one! I recently used it to study for the flight instructor instrument helicopter exam. Thanks Dauntless! </BLOCKQUOTE> <span class="BQfooter"> <div> <strong> Steven </strong> <BR> CFI-H </div> </span> December 30, 2017 8:33AM EST Dauntless + Blackheart Art partnership! http://www.dauntless-soft.com <!--YEARLY--> We're pleased to announce a partnership with Pat Cherry of <A TARGET="_BLANK" HREF="http://www.blackheartart.com">Blackheart Art</A>. Pat has generously agreed to allow us to use a few of his brilliant aircraft caricatures in our aviation learning content. <P> <CENTR> <IMG SRC="http://www.dauntless-soft.com/news/news/articleimages/blackheartartnews.jpg"> </CENTER> </P> We thank Pat for his kindness in allowing us to share some of his images with our users and we hope you will enjoy his work. You can see a gallery of his work where you can purchase prints and other materials via his website. We think you'll agree that his work, much of which covers military aircraft, is truly amazing. December 29, 2017 10:51AM EST