Real IFR approach plates and flight data for use with flight simulators


Note: To get a product description of SimPlates 2004, see the main product description page. SimPlates 2004 ships on 2CD-ROMs in a stanard amaray (DVD-movie) style case. It's an attractive box and an even better looking product inside.

"Just installed SimPlates 2004 and am extremely impressed. Jeppesen is waste of time and money by comparison"
- GP, SimPlates 2004 Customer, Feb 2004. Unsolicited Feedback.


SimPlates 2004 is available for wholesale purchase:

for North and South America Customers:

We have designated VMax flight systems as our exclusive North and South America distributor. Marty at VMax is knowledgeable and fair.

Please contact VMax as follows:

Vmax Flight Systems, Inc
5853 Atlanta Highway - PMB 242
Montgomery, Alabama 36117
Voice: +1(334) 514-8391

USA and Canada: 866-514-8391
Fax: + 1(334) 514-8370
Email: [email protected]


for Europe and Asia Customers:

you are welcome (encouraged, even) to purchase from Marty at VMax as well. However, under certain circumstances you may want to, for whatever reason, deal with us (dauntless software) directly, as we have a limited ability to warehouse some quantity of items in the UK. In general, though, we encourage all to do business with Marty at VMax if possible, as he is better set up to handle wholesale shipments / billing / etc than we are.


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