The Purchase process for GroundSchool in more detail

Try Before you Buy?

Part of the strength of our method of selling our software is that you can actually try the software to evaluate it to see if it meets your needs BEFORE you buy it. This works well for both of us--you won't end up buying something you don't like, and we are spared you buying something you may not like! Additionally, you can see if the thing works on your particular system as well as you'd like before you buy it. For this reason, please understand that once an unlock code has been issued, there are no refunds available.

Which Licence Should I choose?

Basically, if you have not unlocked the software at all yet, you want to purchase an INITIAL licence, which costs $29.99. This gives you a code which will let you unlock any ONE of the following nine test banks:

  • Private / Recreational Pilot
  • Instrument Rating (IFR)
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Instructor (includes Fundamentals of Instruction)
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Flight Engineer
  • Aviation Mechanic: General
  • Aviation Mechanic: Airframe
  • Aviation Mechanic: Powerplant

If you have purchased one of the test banks before and want to unlock an ADDITIONAL test bank (say, Instrument Rating after Private/Rec Pilot), then you should purchase an ADDITIONAL TEST BANK UNLOCK llicence for that additional test. Each additional test bank costs $24.99.

Note: You may have seen some text referring to "INITIAL," "VERTICAL," and "LATERAL" licences. We have since simplified our licence scheme to simply "initial" and "additional test" licences in order to simplify things. Please make sure you LiveUpdate your software to get the latest version. You may also have seen that we used to sell licences for individual tests, say "Private Pilot Airplane." We now give you the whole bank for the same price. Better value for you!

You may notice that nowhere in the order process does it ask you which test bank you want to unlock. This happens afterward, when you actually type the code into the software and it connects to our unlock servers to verify your registration.

After Clicking the "Order" Button

Ok, so you've selected the appropriate item from the list below and have clicked on the Order button. This takes you to a shopping cart screen where you can confirm the item and price of what you have selected. Continue past this screen as appropriate.


Credit Cards and Security

The easiest and best way to order is by credit card through this screen. As of this writing, in 5 years of operations, we have had zero cases of credit card irregularities. Nevertheless, we understand that some of you may be hesitant to send your credit card via the Internet. At the bottom of the order screen are option buttons which you can select if you wish to pay by alternate means, including by phone, fax, PayPal, etc.

Again, let us stress: we've never EVER had problems with the secure, fully automated, on-line credit card system, and we strongly encourage you to order in this way. The other ways require manual intervention to process and thus take longer and, in some cases, the company that handles orders for us charges a premium for ordering in those ways.

This takes you to an 'order information' screen. This screen asks for your personal information with regards to the order. Fear not--this screen is encrypted / secure. If you don't see the reassuring lock/key symbol in your browser at this stage, it's likely because the page you're viewing is in a browser frame at the moment--most browsers display only the security level of the outermost frame, even if inner frames are encrypted/secure.