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Why be a Dauntless Affiliate and/or Reseller?

We take pride in making excellent products. Put head-to-head against our competition for things such as FAA Written (knowledge) test prep, electronic pilot logooks, FAA Checkride (Practical Test) oral exam preparation, JAA ATPL/CPL/IR theory exam prep, and so forth, pilots, mechanics, and other aviation professionals prefer our stuff. Don't believe us? All of our software is available on a try-before-you buy basis via our website - so please check them out if you haven't already - or, ask some pilots who have used our materials in the past. Once pilots find out about our products, they almost invariably stick with us, since we provide them with incredible value and ease of use.

But, therein lies the problem. We've spent so much time with our noses to the grindstone (we've been at this since 1997) creating great products that our marketing efforts have lagged behind (hey, we're engineers at heart). Sure, we do an "ok" job selling via the Internet, but we could surely do better. And, our presence in "real world" oulets such as FBOs and Flight Schools has been weak, thus condeming customers at those locations to the same old tired and overpriced stuff from our competitors. By partnering with you, we hope to more effectively get to those many pilots who we're not getting to now and to help your bottom line in the process.

In order to help spread the word, we have two basic strategies for you to make money: our RESELLER PROGRAM and our AFFILIATE PRORGAM. If accepted into our reseller/affiliate program, you will generally be able to take advantage of either or both of these strategies at your convenience. In fact, both 'strategies' share a unified 'home' - this affiliate / reseller portal.

  • Our affiliate program involves you creating links on your website / blog / etc with your special affiliate code embedded in it or you manually giving your special 'affiliate code' to customers. When they purchase via our website, you earn a comission percentage that is generally far greater than that offered by Amazon and similar operations. We provide you with many marketing materials and ideas to help you create links on your website/blog and print out to give to students / hang up at the FBO/ops room, etc.
  • Our reseller program involves you purchasing CDs/DVDs and similar products from us at wholesale prices. You then resell these at your FBO/Flight Retail Outlet/Website. The upside to this way of doing business is that the percentage profit you earn can be somewhat larger than that of the affiliate prorgam.

But I already carry Brand X stuff!

We understand that many of you already carry, for example, FAA written test prep materials from another company or two that seem to be ok with your students and so we understand that to you we may be some upstart and it's not clear how we might fit into your overall picture. However, consider this:

  • We're an established and growing company - we've been in business since 1997 and have experienced steady growth each year--even during the few 'down years' for aviation!
  • Effectively infinite shelf life - Currently, you are likely selling dated materials which are expensive and time consuming to deal with. for example, a typical test prep book will have "2022" stamped on the cover. What happens in 2023 ? As it stands now, you probably have to go through some process of tearing off the cover and sending it back to the distributor or something similar - this is all wasteful and eats into your time and margins. Our products, on the other hand, don't have this problem. This is because once a user purchases our products and installs them on their computer, they UPDATE THEMSLEVES via the Internet. Obviously this greatly simplifies things for you as a retailer, but also brings a superior experience to your customers, as they can be assured of having access to, for example, the latest FAA written test questions that we have available quickly and easily. Compare this to books, which, once printed, are immediately going out of date. Sure, some of our competitors play games such as releasing their " 2023" materials in mid-summer, 2022, but this is really just a marketing trick that helps nobody.
  • Higher Profits for you - Our software products are priced very competitively, but nevertheless can deliver high profit for you - higher, even, than our competitors' stuff. This is because we offer our lightweight/inexpensive to ship materials directly to you with no middlemen.
  • As little as ZERO start-up costs and no need to hold inventory - Your start-up commitment can be as little as $0. Yes, that's right - zero. If you're unsure about us or don't want to put cash up front, we have an affiliate program which you can sign up to and start selling via our website and make a percentage of the sales. This is the "ease into it" option. That said, while the affiliate road is a great choice for independent CFIs, websites, and others who don't want to hold any inventory or have up-front costs, greater margins are possible to those who take stock from us. All roads are possible--for example, you might start out purely in the affiliate program and then over time start to stock some of our products yourself. Or, you might take a hybrid approach - for example, if you're an airplane school, you might find it useful to stock our Private Pilot Airplane titles, but sell things that you don't usually deal with such as, say, our Hot Air Balloon checkride oral exam preparation via the affiliate program, thus allowing you to capture profit from that should the opportunity arise without holding any stock. It's a flexible system.
  • Market-leading products - Some of our products, like our Safelog pilot logbook software and certain FAA checkride oral exam preps are unquestioned leaders in their respective markets - not just in terms of quality (where we'd like to think that all of our stuff is on top) but also in terms of user base.
  • Restock on demand - everything is automated via our website, thus allowing you to restock when you need to without worrying about some distributor's schedule.
  • Customized / Your-Logo Products - We can help you build name and logo recognition for your organization by providing you with retail and online products customized to your needs for very reasonable prices.
  • Better for your customers - our stuff provides great value and choice. Our stuff is easy to update and is just great software. Why not give your customers the option?
  • We're there for you - We're committed to finding quality partners who will help us grow. Because our system is online and largely automated, we can see who is doing well and who is trying to be a committed partner for us. We'll reward such partners with the help that they need to maximize their profits and to get the word out. We view your success as our success and will work with you to help you out. Additionally, you can always reach us via our 24-hour online helpdesk and proven affiliates and partners are given direct access to our director of affiliate / resale operations to contact whenever you have an issue or problem.

Good Karma

  • Founded in 1997 just outside of Philaelphia, PA (our spiritual home is historic Wings Field - KLOM - one of America's truly historic general aviation airports), Dauntless, a genuine American small business, is a collaborative effort between a number of aviation and technical professionals who just weren't happy with the mediocre stuff available. We have a passion for aviation, and our slow and steady approach to producing quality stuff has resulted in our having an ever-growing following.
  • Our sales methods and products are environmentally friendly - certainly much more so than printing and shipping books around the country.
  • We're good aviation citizens. In addition to the items that we have for sale, we offer to the aviation community a number of free items (items that you couldn't sell, but are useful to all pilots) via our webiste. As such, we enjoy an exceptional reputation
  • We support our armed forces! Our editors and contributors include former USAF, USN, and US Army pilots (several of whom are now in the airline or corporate worlds). As such, we have a special place for those who have served and show this, for example, by offering our Military Competence (military to FAA civilian) FAA materials at a substantial discount. This won't eat into your profits (unless you happen to be one of the two military competence transition weekend courses that used to fleece our military personnel before we came along and gave them a low cost option), but shows our commitment to our armed foces.



Our affiliate/reseller program is open ONLY to those who legitimately strive to earn a fair profit by either recommending our products to others or by re-selling our products. If you are essentially a regular customer who is thinking about signing up for this program basically to try to get a discount/rebate on your own purchases, STOP NOW. This will not work and will only waste your time in addition to wasting our time. This system is for legitimate potential affiliates and resellers only and has certain minimums - not very high, but high enough and other policies that can and will make any and all such attempts at 'self-dealing' futile.

If you are not trying to 'self-deal', but rather wish to be a legitimate affiliate/reseller of our products, please sign-up below to access the affiliate/reseller interface.



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