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Custom Products to Advance Your Brand!  Custom Products to Advance Your Brand! Dauntless Software



Being a Dauntless affiliate or reseller is a great way to earn money and develop your retail side. However, if youre really looking to build or maintain your brand, theres nothing better than allowing us to do the hard work while you get the credit through a co-branded product arrangement with us.

Heres how it typically works: we work with you to design a combination of products that suits your particular needs. For example (and this is just an example), lets say youre one of those Instrument Rating in ten days type places that specializes in helping private pilots train intensively for an FAA rating in a short period of time. For your program to work, your students will need to have taken and passed the FAA Instrument Rating knowledge test and preferably have a good working knowledge of IFR knowledge material before starting their training with you. We could work with you to design a package package of, for example, our GroundSchool Instrument Rating FAA Knowledge test preparation software and our RideReady Instrument Rating Airplane checkride oral exam preparation software onto a single CD/DVD-ROM for you. Then, we take your logo and what you tell us that you want to convey to your students and we create a CD/DVD packages that is consistent with your marketing / corporate look. Our logos still exist in the product, but in a much reduced state. For all practical purposes, the packaging looks like your product. When customers sign up for your course thereafter, you can then give them / offer them / make them buy from you the product. When it arrives, they will be impressed with your professionality and you don't have to worry about their study.

We have partnered with many organizations over the years to provide such "co-branded" products. Customers have included:

  • A major flight school in Florida, who uses our software to prepare for their students for their FAA knowledge tests
  • A large aviation retail operation who prefers an own branded version of the software that they can offer to their specialized customers.
  • A major university flight department which provides our software to their aviation majors.
  • A major A&P school and a major Aircraft Dispatcher Academy
  • A European flight academy which uses our JAA exam preparation materials with their cadets
  • Several airlines which have produced Safelog pilot logbook software discs which they give to their pilots to use. The airlines then keep track of their pilots' flying times via SafelogWeb.com's "Safelog Connection" interface.
  • and more!
Here are the advantages of this program:
  • Surprisingly affordable! The exact minimum quantity depends on the total size of the order and not just the quantity of unit products, but if you have a few hundred students or customers over the course of a few years or if you do something very specific (gyroplane school), then theres probably a discussion to be had.
  • We do the hard work. We code the software. We design the cover art (in conjunction with you typically you provide us with a logo). We provide the technical support. We manufacture the product. All you need to do essentially is give or sell the product to your students/users.
  • You get the credit. You can sell the product to your students at a price you choose all the while improving your brand identity.
But wont the data on the disc go out of date? Im worried about "old inventory."

Youre right to be concerned! But, unlike our competitors who "date limit" their products, we have you 100% covered. As soon as your customers/users install the software from our disc, they will be prompted to, via the internet, update to the latest and greatest version of the software and data that we provide. Therefore, you dont need to worry about discs going "out of date." Your custom discs will be a valid way to give your users current learning and operational materials now and well into the future. Our solution is far far better than that of our book and CD selling competitors in this regard. Our solution keeps things SIMPLE for you.


Please contact us via either our helpdesk or business phone number. If we're not in, leave a message with your phone number and a good time to call, and we'll be happy to discuss this with you. The whole process can be surprisingly easy!


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